Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lame? Yup ;)

Lame? Yup

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  1. 1st hahahahaha kissy kissy

  2. Gross.

  3. lol whats with the ppl who say 1st they must love to eat the cock then jerk off they’re dads until they splooge on their moms tits then breastfeed at the same time until their uncle comes into town and pinches a loaf right on their head rubbing it into there hair and scrotum sometimes i sware the ppl on this sight are complete idiots and need to grow the fuck up.

  4. AnonisGross. 😛 Yucky!

  5. I love how lop-sided the smiley face is.

  6. I just can’t get over the strangeness of the title they added. “Tongues? Yup”


    I guess in case someone was confused.

    And then a date in case they, at some point in the future, can’t remember when they touched tongues. Check.

  7. Admin, please pixelate the tongues – Grossssssss

  8. classy.

  9. Aw that’s kind of sweet. You know, in a first-two-weeks, still-in-high-school sort of way. I just got divorced. Let them have their fun.

  10. who cares if u just got divorced

  11. Gross? There are more effeminate dudes here than I thought!
    I guess you have never seen porn.

    Lame, YES!
    Gross, not even close.

  12. It’s a shame the title wasn’t tongue-in-cheek.

  13. Anatomy lesson, Kids:

    That’s not a tongue, that’s an ass.

  14. I bet Sixkiller and AnonisGay are the same person.

  15. lulz

  16. straight people kissing always makes me gag, and i have no gag reflex

  17. Oh put them AWAY.

  18. I despise seeing horrible fonts on horrible pictures.

  19. Um… how lovely.

  20. is it just me or does the person on the right look like a 45 yr. old soccer mom? I think that’s the truly creepy aspect of this picture.

  21. Wait till they get to 2nd base… free porn for all!

  22. @Flip

    I was thinking the same thing!


    You cared enough to post – zing!

  23. Man some people are losers. :S
    “You know, just in case none of you guys knew… WE TOTALLY HAVE SEX, CUZ WE’RE SO MATURE, DON’T YOU JUST WISH YOU WERE AS COOL AND SEXY AS US???!!!”

  24. @ Sixkiller – if being female makes me effeminate then you’re quite correct. Duh!

  25. @jelly

    Yeah, that’s it. They said ‘we totally have sex cuz we’re so mature’ I see it now, how could I have missed it?

    You’re the fucking loser here. Go get laid by somebody other than your uncle.

  26. @STC, damn I Fail!
    But, if you were a guy you would be pretty gay though

  27. I remember when I had my first beer…

  28. these two suck.

  29. How beautiful!

  30. If these two guys were my mates? They’d get a severe talking to about the do’s and don’ts with photoshop. Starting with bad colour layering and use of text…picture really wouldn’t bother me if it wasn’t for the thick layer of cheese surrounding it

  31. ewwww

  32. I actually just threw up in my mouth a little bit!

  33. Cool font, fartknockers.

  34. Lol@ title

  35. Every time I see pictures like this on Facebook (which, sadly is often, as apparently I know scores of idiots) I can’t help but hope that they have a traumatic breakup. This isn’t out of jealousy, mind you. Most of these people are… very unfortunate to look at. I just want to see their little bubbles burst.

    I’m not against relationships, I’m against people showing off their relationships in ways that are obnoxious and disgusting. A picture of the happy couple hugging? No problem — they’re affectionate, so what? A picture of the happy couple making out for the camera, pressing their tongues together, snuggling in bed? Disgusting.

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