Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It’s Winsday!

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  1. The duct tape one is older than the collective age of the residents of a retirement home, William is a fucktard, Sydni and Juliana are lame, and Rachel’s was moderately funny.

    This is my judgement and it shall stand forever in the Halls of Lame!

  2. Whoah… the dog one is MY status! I wonder who submitted it. Weird to see myself on Lamebook. Especially when it’s for something so… lame.

  3. Did your dog die?

  4. Holy fuck these are bad. Submitter, 3 lashes with a dead fish.


  6. I was under the impression that birds via reptiles was widely accepted within the scientific community. Mike made it sound like it’s a few crazy people with unorthodox ideas and the world’s axis is now changing direction since people are starting to believe that.

  7. What Crane said^

    Also, call me an idiot [seriously, I don’t mind as long as you explain] but WTF is Mike rambling about? He is implying that since we evolved from fish we call our home Earth? And that we would only call it “Water” if we evolved from land-dwelling creatures to aquatic ones? Can someone please spell out the connection for me?

  8. Reread the part about the cocoa beans.

  9. cocoa beans are black, right?

    just sayin’.

  10. I think Mike might’ve crapped on his own ‘joke’..

  11. I think he’s just trying to show an affinity with William.

    William doesn’t understand anything: Mike doesn’t understand anything.
    William thinks he’s being smart: Mike thinks he’s being smart.
    William isn’t: Mike isn’t.

    Mike’s just trying to be a good friend saying, ‘We’re in the same boat mate’ (Or equivalent land-craft, or equivalent aerial-vehicle, depending on your view of evolution….???/|$:]-&\%??)

  12. It’s okay. I know Mike went way over the heads of most people, the Walter Sobchaks of lamebook universe notwithstanding.

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