Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook Modeling 101

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  1. Hola!

  2. Sup, Dude?

  3. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Phuck off.

  4. My butt hurts.

  5. Complete fag with his fag hag.

  6. I’m still looking for the boobs.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Seriously where are the boobs?

  8. I can see two boobs. One of them’s wearing a hat.

  9. You idiots don’t see the ironic humor?

  10. Haha I like her hat!! Lol ;D

  11. i’d care if i could.
    but i just don’t.

  12. that guy looks familier. what would have made this post a bit more legit, would have been a different font choice.

  13. The majority of people who comment on this site are more idiotic than the people who end up in the pictures on this site.

    I’d be sad, but the irony of asshats complaining about how these moderately amusing facebook statuses all belong to fags, douches, and cunts is also moderately amusing.

    It’s true. You really do get annoyed when other people display your most prominent personality traits.

    Now, I’ll go join the majority of people who comment on this site.

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