Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coming From Behind

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  1. This guy sounds like a conceited d-bag. I bet he submitted it himself and thought he was hilarious.

  2. Who the hell rents porn these days? Fake, fake, fake. And not even funny.

  3. Not funny in the least. For once i shall thumb down this mother fluffer.

  4. Lamebook was getting some decent submissions today until now.

  5. I fifth that. Obviously fake

  6. theheroicgobbler

    Fake and unfunny. This site is going down the shitter.

  7. how can you tell if they submitted them, themselves?

  8. Do you all not see the “imaginary 9 year old” at the start of the status? It was obviously a joke. And no, it’s not fake, because I know this kid.

  9. The word “imaginary” appears only in your imagination.

    That being said, I believe it was a joke from the start.

  10. It makes me intensely angry when people spell a name wrong that’s RIGHT. IN FRONT. OF THEM.

    It’s “Billie” you asshat.

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