Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wow Mom!

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  1. Eersie!(first!)
    shouldn’t you wax anyway?

  2. Just like any other cultural / personal / hygenic thing, some do some don’t. Most women in the world don’t shave their pits, why does that bother us?

  3. Well, perhaps she usually shaves. Shaving is short term. She might not know when she’s going to do him, so waxing would be better (as it’s long term). 😀
    Also, I guess her son is young.

  4. Waxing is a luxury, really. 50+ for what is irritated for the first quarter, and doesnt last as long as ideally hoped. I think most girls invest in a mere bikini, which can be administered at home, and shave until there’s incentives for more. I am a student, though, so I’m referring to those in my budget class. Suppose the rich and the mooch can do more, more often.

  5. I miss a hairy bush. I don’t think i’ve seen one since 2006.

  6. Not a fan of the bush. Allergies give me enough trouble when I’m servicing the lady, I don’t need a genital afro cutting off my air supply too.

  7. littleredcorvette

    You heard it here, lexluther is allergic to vaginas.

  8. Shave it please women.

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    Bush is the only way I floss

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