Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Paddy’s Day Wrap Up

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  1. kevin rocks my socks.

  2. Rusty’s status = amazing

    Jay’s reply also = amazing

  3. ‘Off the roof’?

    Matt’s Christmas sounds far more exciting than mine.

  4. The first one was pretty funny. The rest were just Ben.

  5. Hunt me, I am Muslim…

  6. 1 and 3 were delightful. I actually burst into laughter for the third one. Love the teamwork.

  7. awww mom…

  8. Deport me I’m mexican HAHAHAHA
    I love Rusty and his friends.

  9. @ beckyboo

    What does it meant ‘The rest were just Ben.’?

  10. Kevin and Andrew made my day.

    #3 is hilarious too.

  11. These are all a win LFMAO!!

  12. Wow #3 was awesome 😀

  13. id be more worried about postin that u pulled a fire alarm on facebook

  14. Hahahahahaha “The rest were just Ben.”

    The 3rd one was hilarious, and I LOLd at “Pity me, I’m drawing a blank.” hahahaha yes!

  15. Question: What does “just Ben” mean?

  16. Rusty and his friends made my morning!

    I’m getting a kick out of this “just Ben” business. Poor Ben, I bet he has no idea his legacy lives on!

  17. Hahahahah!! “Just Ben” is pure WIN!!!!!!

  18. ‘Just Ben’ was funnier than the whole of this Lamebook post.

  19. dying of anticipation for someone to say “to” what Just Ben is in reference

  20. Kevin & Andrew = awesome

  21. @18, they already did in #8 and #14…
    I myself prefer to say Just Frodo. 1st and 4th for me were Just Frodo.

  22. I hope this is a positive sign that Lamebook has stopped blurring sweary words

  23. Yes ee, Rusty’s post is fab.
    Why can’t I have people on my facebook who can make me laugh like that? It’s not fair, and with the exception of a couple of friends, most of the dicks on my list give me status updates like “I just ate a biscuit”.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes ee and slim, although it was yesterday, my partying begins tonight and all weekend.
    I won’t be in good shape next week.

  24. @20
    What does it even mean?!

  25. This is one of my favorite Lamebook posts ever. Win.

  26. Seriously?
    It seems like EVERY single post of a parent on their son’s/daughter’s status has to end with, “-MOM” or “-DAD” or “-Grandma”, etc, or something like that. Do parents REALLY do this?

  27. Good point Kal

  28. Happy yesterday birthday word 🙂 Good day?

  29. Yes Hobo thanks, great day, and my weekend is gonna be better.

  30. JesusOnADinosaur

    I haven’t the faintest idea what people celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day. But the second one was awesome.

  31. if the third wasn’t planned, then win.

    oh ben, you glutton for punishment, you!

  32. #30
    The idea, supposedly, is to celebrate St. Patrick.

    According to legends he drove all snakes away from Ireland. As a fact, he wasn’t a big fan of slavery.

  33. Is Rusty still in the Navy?

  34. Surely kids recognise their own parents and don’t need the “- mom” added to comments?

  35. Don’t throw me down, Clark.

  36. Kal – Yes. Yes, they do.

  37. I still don’t get the Ben reference. Is this someone that used to comment?

  38. ♥ Rusty and his friends

  39. very funny stuff. check this out

  40. Wish my friends could be funny like Rusty’s 🙂

  41. Mom and Just Ben for the win!

  42. Kevin FTW
    but please put me out of my abject misery – who the fuck is just ben?

  43. lol

  44. cheshirephoenix

    Rusty’s post is absolute sheer genius lol!!!

  45. I’m welsh hump me

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