Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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  1. John Cleese.

  2. I bet Sean’s Grandma wasn’t as disappointed as the girl if he was that drunk.

  3. Brian is a grade-A douche.

  4. Also, Brian, hair loss is attributed to mitochondrial DNA which is only maternally inherited. Grandpappy is completely blameless (and hopefully cancer-free).

  5. I am thinking Blaine is the cocknozzle. First, I will bet money he is named after a Molly Ringwad movie. Go with Duckie. Second, Brian didn’t know grandpa had cancer. Way to douche it up Blaine. Don’t you have some clothes to dry?

  6. #4. Pooka – right but kinda wrong. A man’s hairloss can be caused by a mass of ‘androgen receptors’ on the subject’s scalp. This is caused by a genetic predisposition to a gene that sits on the X chromosome but has not effect on a woman’s phenotype/hair.

    However, being a male your genetic gendeis XY, and therefore the gene sitting on your X chromosome will take effect if you carry it (it only affects males) You will pass it to your daughters who won’t experience any effects, and they’ll pass it to their sons, who will go bald. Therefore the common knowledge that boldness comes from your grandfather is correct – except your mum is to blame as she hides it.

  7. *baldness.

  8. @British Hobo… John Cleese… That’s funny.

  9. A tip of the hat to you, Hobes.

  10. Ni!

  11. Jake’s grandpa is awesome, however I am thankful that my own grandfather never shared any gems like that awkward one …

  12. @ DanR – My grandfather was really bold. He fought in the first world war. I, however, am somewhat cowardly, but have a full head of hair.

  13. Oh my gosh… I helped start a new Lamebook comment trend!

  14. That Robert fellow is a douchewaffle to let his gran keep sending him checks like that.

  15. Steven is an idiot, and probably more prudish than his own grandma

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