Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winning is so Sweet

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  1. Lol I love the second one

  2. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot of dumb shit.

  3. #1….buh duh dun…tishhh
    #2….buh duh dun…tishhh
    #3….buh duh dun…tishhh


  4. The first one is kind of funny

    The second one is stupid for a lot of reasons. Sebastian, Alec, and David all lose, individually and together.

    The third one…I’m not gonna lie…I think it’s pretty damn funny. Just imagine, you’re frustrated because your remote doesn’t work, but then, candy! It really is making the best of a bad situation, isn’t it?

  5. I’ve heard the second one before except it was: “Music is like candy,throw away the (w)rappers.” I don’t like the way Sebastian worded it. It sounds dumb.

  6. David’s comment doesn’t even make sense. Not that the original comment was funny anyway.

  7. haha there could always be worse things found in the back the remote… they should consider themselves lucky!

    number two can lick my balls… and i don’t even have balls.

  8. Valid point:Rappers Suck

  9. If Scott knew anything about physics he would go for the ankles first.

  10. Those ice cream samiches look so good.

  11. We’re here at this famous party house where we’ve secretly replaced their usual batteries with Folgers candy batteries. Can they tell the difference?

  12. (For UK readers)

    Music is like Midget Gems, get rid of the black ones and the rest are ok.

    Yes, yes I did just type that.

  13. Scott’s comment was funny. Would have been funnier if he’d changed thighs to ass though.

    And who does eat those black midget gems??

  14. I’m a little bit like candy too, hold me in your hand for long enough and i’ll melt making your fingers all sticky.

    I eat all the black midget gems and all the coffee revels too.

  15. Eww I knew you were disgusting – but not that disgusting!

  16. Coffee revels AND black midget gems? That is insane.

  17. I’ve gone to far haven’t I?…this is an all time low, even for me.

    But i will fearlessly push forward and confess that i also eat the round toffee penny thing in Quality Street tins.

    My depravity know no bounds.

  18. 1 and 3 were funny, but David’s was confusing, therefore shitty. Did he compare w(rappers) on women to be their clothes?

  19. third one LOL!

  20. Midget Gems were fucking disgusting.

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