Monday, July 5, 2010

A Healthy Home Life

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  1. Bent.

  2. fuck my slow internet in the assss.

  3. Why does Cristina thinks u need a bf to smother her.. with a pillow? I would be honored to do so aswell 🙂

  4. LMFAO at bens post!

  5. STEVE could kick Bens Ass

  6. What the Fargis??

  7. Why are all Bens so entertaining?

  8. Not a belter.
    But I must admit find it fascinating, as someone without a facebook account.
    Does the sleezing in the top one go on a lot these days?

  9. Happy Belated Birthday ee! Hope it was a good one!

    Ben, you need to get that girl to pay for all that shit and tell her BF. I would have thrown her out of the house if she started breaking as much shit as I assume. Or dump a jug of ice cold water over her and get her to calm the fuck down.

    On a side note, ee, there’s a drink called Rockstar Recovery, tastes like lemonade and helps with hangovers. Best thing ever.

  10. Hope you had a good day, ee 🙂

    Confused as to why Ben went from ‘don’t worry, you didnt cheat :)’ to ‘I HOPE YOU DIE, YOU BITCH’.

    Also loving the first one, just wish we could see comments or replies.

  11. I just failed three times… Way too drunk and couldn’t come up with anything remotely funny. Time to wait and see if I can recover by noon or somesuch before posting again, for the safety of everyone else, except that bitch who slept over at Ben’s. She can die.

  12. @ BritishHobo:
    I think it was less of “don’t worry” and more of “nothing happened, so you’re a complete moron for breaking my stuff.”

  13. I feel sorry for Ben.

  14. Question is… if she slept on his couch, why did she wake up in his bed, hmm? Is Ben telling porkie pies?

  15. thepreviouspost

    @Hobo, we are definitely missing some info of what really happened b/w Ben and the crazy bitch.
    Re: Amanda, what can i say. What a great way to handle such situation. Direct enough to scare the guy shitless, but concealed enough so as to not ruin somebody’s marriage.
    That is, of course, if we assume that Amanda has a big extended family as opposed to, say, one sister who happens to be married.

  16. thepreviouspost

    actually a sister is not extended family, but you get the idea

  17. @Hobo- maybe his bed IS the couch.

  18. Has anyone seen Yoink?
    He missed his English grammar classes again today.
    Let him come home; someone’s getting hurt real bad today.

  19. hahaha u got to be kidding me..

  20. I would have loved to see Ben’s face when he woke up with the’crazy bitch’ would have been ‘Legen-waitforit-dary’:P
    @#18..good 1..;)

  21. @Yoinks_Father

    Now that’s entertainment!

  22. Yoink. *automated breathing apparatus sound* I am your father.

  23. looooooool havin sumone on here as my farther wood be awsum betta than my borin dad looooool

  24. I would like to see a
    ‘to be continued’
    when Amanda sends the copies of the messages to the spouses… I hope it’s on their wall, and I hope it ends up here.

  25. @Steeeever: You’re doing it right!

  26. Yoink, why did you miss your classes again today…
    BTW, Mrs. Eenerbel called and she is not happy about you stealing her panties from her clothesline…

  27. @nuff
    I knew someone was screwing Mrs Yoink when I was out in the jungle cutting wood… I could have never imagined that it was you. Mrs Yoink, sure have bad choice…

  28. What’s all this Dan Fargis stuff?

  29. @thepreviouspost yes I have a really large family all of which are on facebook. Sadly, it wasn’t just one family member….wait for it…it was THREE. Thankfully they were like 3rd and 4th cousins so at least I can blame it on the shallow end of the gene pool

  30. Calenthedestroyer

    Yoink’s laugh- I mean last- post

    looooooool havin sumone on here as my farther wood be awsum betta than my borin dad looooool


    Laughter. Having someone on here as my father would be awesome. This circumstance would be much more enjoyable than my unentertaining dad.

  31. @amanda: plz post the messages.. i need to laugh my ass off a bit..

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