Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rapid Remarks

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  1. This one’s funny.

  2. No I think he helped created the history channel….


  3. @casshern

    Technically you’re wrong as well…


  4. WINS

  5. laughed at #3

  6. Does Lucy’s boyfriend have a tiny penis?

  7. Took me a bit to get the first one.

  8. I didn’t know Demetri Martin’s real name was Kalyn.

  9. @demotivational: could you explain it to me then?

  10. @heisenberg: Go watch Lord of the Rings.

  11. @Scarab: make me. No wait, I mean thanks.

  12. A Hobbit looked up at me and said “point that thing some place else”

  13. Lucy made me 🙂

  14. LOTR humour always wins.

  15. @greenstrings….let me explain it in this way..

    If the queen had no face, would her face be on the pound coins? Course not.

    If there was no history, would there a history channel?
    course not.

    so by helping create history, Hitler helped play a part in creating history channels.


  16. Does anyone know what kalyn’s fb language is set to?

  17. @ Junebug – Swedish Chef?

  18. @junebug – Dutch.

  19. The first one is a quote from comedian Demetri Martin.

  20. Now these were funny.
    Yay lamebook. 🙂

  21. How many times are Demetri Martin quotes going to get published?

  22. @cashern

    Confuscious said, when in danger of descending into, tiresome arguments about whether history is defined by important Individuals or the general plight of humanity, you a baaad boy! I say no!


  23. ok these were not bad but I got a bigger LOL with the “swedish chef” comment. I love the swedish chef

  24. I agree with bizzle & confuzled. And I love LOTR humorrr. I’m guessing this was because LOTR was on tnt this whole weekend. I loved every second of it.

  25. “Wouldn’t Lego people give perfect hand jobs?”

    No. It’s all in the wrist.

  26. the one from kayln is a demitri martin joke….

  27. ‘Wouldn’t Lego people give perfect hand jobs?’ All I can think is, how small is your cock?

  28. Yeah, stop posting quotes lamebook. Demetri Martin has some great one-liners, but it just isn’t cool to publish someone’s work under another person’s name. It may be user-submitted, but it’s still smells like plagiarism to me.

  29. I would pop one on Lucys’ chin.

    A Lego brick that is…. Honestly, you guys are a right bunch of filthy gits! No, seriously i’d cum on her.

    Kalyn is a little insensitive, if I saw an amputee being hanged I would at least ask if he wanted a hand.

  30. I’m not gonna lie, I totally had to google the first one to get that it was referring to ‘hangman’.

  31. Kaylan just copied a Demetri Martin joke, how unoriginal

  32. I presume Lucy’s is considered lame because she’s a typical Facebook idiot who steals her “hilarious” status updates from Sickipedia…

  33. Hey guys, let’s keep talking about how it’s a Demetri Martin quote. Over and over. That’ll be fun and not annoying in the least.

  34. Hey did you know that first one is a Demitri Martin quote?

  35. 15 casshern

    It’s a little more complicated than that. You could even call the History Channel the Hitler Channel because it seems all they broadcast are documentaries about Hitler/WWII.

  36. Holy shit, been a while I haven’t laughed a joke about the death of the jews… at least not that loudly anyway lol

  37. Guys, I don’t know if anybody noticed, but I think that first one might be a Demetri Martin quote.

  38. When will people start to CONSISTENTLY use quotation marks on Facebook… Ah, it annoys me so

  39. yer boi just bout da w.e cnt wait what every one planes?

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