Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best in Show

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  1. How I bet your Mother

  2. Undercover Hoss

  3. 21 hump street

  4. The Love Goat

  5. Twin Beaks

  6. Cougar Torn

  7. Desperate Mousewives

  8. Dookie Blue

  9. Shart Tank (Shark Tank)

  10. Shart Week

  11. Biggest Poser

  12. Mateline (Dateline)

  13. Saturday Night Love

  14. Miami Lice

  15. Quantum Heap

  16. Are you being Perved? (are you being served)

  17. Asses to Asses (Ashes to Ashes)

  18. Pecker (Becker)

  19. The Big Wang Theory
    Dick Man Dyke Show
    Everybody Mates Chris
    G.I Hoe
    Get Shart (Get Smart)
    Ghost Punters
    Drounded for life
    I love Pucy
    Hung Fu
    Pooney Tunes (Looney Tunes)
    Poonlighting (moonlighting)

  20. I just noticed 2 or 3 of mine were used earlier…props to the original poster.

  21. Deadliest Patch

    VAG (JAG)
    Jon & Kate Plus Fight
    Bangland (Gangland)
    American Packers
    The Tumors (Tudors)
    Head Like Me (Dead Like Me)
    Vaggie Tales

    Some don’t need changing:
    The Unit

  22. To Watch a Predator (to catch a pradator)

  23. Good Moaning America

  24. Fagney and lacey

  25. Pros vs. Hoes

  26. Two and a half Yen

  27. My Toys (my boys)

  28. Perfect Stranglers (perfect strangers)

  29. Gaywatch (can’t believe no one did that one yet)

  30. The Bernie Sac Show

  31. the frady bunch

  32. Charlies anels

  33. SHiPS (CHiPS)

  34. Diagnosis: Turder (diagnosis: murder)

  35. Lardcastle and McCormick

  36. The Cockford files

  37. Empty Fest (Empty Nest)

  38. Everybody Loaves Raymond

  39. Lojak (Kojak)

  40. Stranglers with Candy

  41. private cactus

  42. No Country for Old Hen.

  43. Ready, Steady, Cock!

  44. Big Cook, Little Cock.

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