Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chronicled Captures

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  1. Everyone knows Pastafarianism is the one true religion, kthx.

  2. Funny thing is, there really aren’t any TRUE Christians, no matter how much other people argue that they are.

    So really Dan is correct, other things that can be correct:

    No TRUE Christians take a shit
    No TRUE Christians like to eat blueberries
    No TRUE Christians would ever post on lamebook

    See how fun that is! And it is all true because there aren’t any!

    (and I consider myself a Christian)

  3. A “true” Christian is just somebody who truly believes in Jesus’ forgiveness and seeks to follow him. Being as wrong as can be about HOW to follow him, being sinful, or being a racist, misogynistic prejudiced ar5e doesn’t mean that your faith is not real. It just means Jesus has more to forgive you for.

  4. You people just hate Christianity because you don’t like to follow conservative traditions. You’re too wrapped up in what you want to have good morals. You don’t like following rules. Dan_fargis has a right to his opinion, especially if that opinion is correct. Heathens.

  5. No, I’m against Christianity because I’ve seen too many hypocrites. Preachers who milk offerings to finance themselves, use the Bible as an excuse to murder doctors who perform abortions, one who raped my mom, and currently, one who has cheated on my sister for the past 3 years. So when you talk about “radical” Muslims, don’t forget that there are radical Christians, too. I have learned that not all who believe in God are evil, but many are. Conservative hypocrites suck. Conservative perverts are still f***ing perverts.

  6. @un1k3n well perhaps you should be against hypocrisy instead of Christianity. There are hypocrites in every religious sect, including Agnosticism and Atheism, so instead of being a close-minded prick and generalizing, how about you direct your misguided hatred, or distaste, or whatever you want to call it, at the specific set of people who deserve it. You’re just as close-minded as dan-fargis, just on the other side of the coin.

  7. Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with rollinca on this one. Every denomination and every sect of every religion has liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers, and hypocrites. Does this mean you hate all religion? Because there are liars, cheaters, rapists, murderers, and hypocrites who are NOT religious in any way. It’s unfair to generalize, and stick the label of one person on an entire religion just because that one person is a follower of said religion.

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