Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deadly Updates

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  1. She is talking to herself, and pretending she’s talking to a dead cat? There are no words.

    Ashley should consider following Fancy McFeast into that Great Unknown.


  2. Anyone have a Ouija board. My virtual sheep died and he didn’t have a FB. Need to know where the KY is stashed for my new virtual squirrel. That or the duct tape.

  3. Poor Ashley, this comes off as very pitiful, she must have really loved her kitty.

    Let this be a warning people, the robots are lethal.

  4. Ambah, I am bah.

  5. I find it slightly worrying that lamebook didn’t feel it appropriate to blur out Fancy’s picture and ensure their anonymity.

  6. I’m sad now.

    God damn you, Lamebook. God damn you.

  7. been thinkin alot sense Fancy died..

  8. ok I loved my cat a lot and I was crushed when she died, but SERIOUSLY????

  9. hahahaha the last one I think is kinda funny. I know some people are a bit too obsessed with their cats, but somehow, the lack of feline smilie faces ( =^.^= ) or “mew”s makes me believe that this was done as comic relief by the owner. I could be dead wrong, but I think that if this post was plastered with the cat faces and the mewing it would be a lot creepier.

  10. coach carl = couch miller? 🙂

  11. Oh, the last one just filled me with sorrow. No snark left today.

  12. The crazy cat lady is now on facebook; everyone say hello to Ashley.

  13. @Rodo, yeah, or with “W”s used instead of “R”s to force it to read all cutesy-like.

  14. Ambah, yet another member of the uneducated mass of America. The yank school system surely must be considered a dismal failure.

  15. @MuToiD_MaN – Dude that is the WORST, whoever writes like that with the exception of Elmer Fudd needs to be spanked.

  16. I always wondered if there was something lamer than people making facebook pages for their pets. Now I know there is. *ding* You learn something every day.

  17. i’m shocked i haven’t been featured on lamebook yet. my facebook is so boring.

  18. Dongs.

  19. I REALLY hate Ambah right now.

  20. Ambah Coach Carl used to think about you a LOT too.

    He thought about how you used to look in the shower, how tight your little gym shorts were and how he would get away with killing you.

  21. Part of me wants to believe that the crazy cat lady is really young and it’s her Mum or Dad that is speaking to her as the cat.

    If so, Facebook will have set new standards in helping kids deal with the grief of losing a pet lol.

    And it needn’t stop there…

    *creates a Santa Claus account to tell the kids that he’s let go of some elves due to the economy and as a result, present creation is down 42%*

    … nah, just kidding. My kids can get a Facebook account when they can legally drink, drive and make babies. Not a day before.

  22. @21, I’m assuming you’re not from the U.S., ’cause here in the states, those all occur at three different ages (though it’s not illegal to have babies under the age of 18, that *is* when you’re legally an adult here).

  23. victorfrankenstein

    @bird hahaha. your comment is the only one that made me l-o-l. also, i’m sure ashley is just some preteen who is upset about her cat, and also finding some sort of comic relief. good stuff. i also like the “thanks” at the end.

  24. I just had to register to let U all know that U R comments cracked me up. Even funnier than the actual post! Job well done.

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