Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excellent Excess

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  1. women belong in the kitchen if you ask me

  2. Will is awesome.

  3. *Snort* poor ashley, I think we’ve all been there, *cackle* or not.

    Jessica gives a whole new meaning to “the dear John” letter. *wipes tears

  4. Ashley, I’ve been wondering the same thing about my dog, so… anyone? anyone?

    You’re right yaya, I only wish someone would have answered her, I would LOVE to see those responses! “Dear Jessica’s Poop,”

  5. Wow, yaya. You really bring your comments to life.

  6. I’m betting the most action Will ever got was in 9th grade.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I would love to have ac”comode”ated you by dropping in before your night of revelry. Unfortunately you should have considered that before stuffing yourself with all that happy cow cheese today. That has resulted in a backup along the ole hershey highway. Never fear though, all you drinking on an empty stomach, finished with the late nite stop at CarlJrs for a greasy burger should get things moving just about in time to blow out the ole poopshute at exactly the moment you are bent over the toilet heaving your guts out.

    your welcome,

    You Bowl Movement

  8. Beautiful yaya, just beautiful! You have such a way with words. (Seriously, that was great!)

  9. Whose welcome?

  10. If your dog has an erection that won’t go back in, you’re supposed to put KY or Petrolium Jelly or SOME sort of lube around it and then physically push it back in, gently.

    Sounds gross… I’m gonna stick with a female dog that bleeds on the kitchen floor once every 6 months or so and never humps anything.

    But yeah, have fun with that.

  11. mcowles, you have made me even sure that I will never own a dog.

  12. That’s it, I’m getting rid of the dog. Maybe I’ll get a goldfish.

  13. If that happens to my dog, he is on his own. BADPETMOM

  14. If you’d just get your pets spayed or neutered like Bob Barker says, you wouldn’t have any of these problems. At this point, the only solution is doggy porn and a hand job. Get to work.

  15. I just tell my dog to put his “lipstick” away and he does it on his own.

  16. Dear lord. What WON’T people post on Facebook?

    Also, Will just backed up my ‘Will rule’. Jury’s out on the Mark rule. I don’t even know what that saying means.

    This post is fucking weird.

  17. Love it Sensible Madness!!

  18. BritishHobo, I got a new battery operated friend in the mail the other day and it took all my strength not to share it on facebook.

    But I DIDN’T and that makes all the difference.

  19. @ Penny Lane – Instead, you just shared it on Lamebook. Less lame?

  20. Yes, much less. I don’t care if you people know about my new toy. I do care if my mother, brothers, and mother-in-law know. 🙂

  21. @chip: On Lamebook, we aren’t one of Penny Lane’s bosses/kids/grandparents/any other relative that really wouldn’t want to know that. She’s just making the point that she didn’t share it with the world of people who know who she is.

  22. She also beat me to it 😛

  23. Hahaha… yeah, agreed. It really is less lame to post that stuff on Lamebook. The irony is funny though.

  24. What irony?

  25. @24 – ummm…. the fact that we make fun of people for over-sharing private stuff all the time and then she over-shares in a complaint about other people over-sharing.

  26. BritishHobo, get a job!

  27. But I thought it was resolved the ‘over’ part of over-sharing was down to context.

  28. Oh. You mean the irony that could have been.

  29. Yeah, the irony that could have been is hilarious.

  30. Sixkiller: No.

  31. Haha, agreed.

  32. HAHA. Ashley makes me laugh.

  33. I’m a chick who enjoys anal sex. Okay…that’s been building up for awhile. I’m glad I didn’t have to put it on Facebook and explain it to my grandma.

  34. will explains why sara’s pregnant.
    no surprise there

  35. Will FTW

  36. personally, i’d just put my dog in the neighbor’s yard and let him work it out himself.

  37. Hey mol, wanna hang out?

  38. 1 – Yes only action he has was in 9th grade
    2 – If you can facebook it, you can google it
    3 – Gonna have to call fake on the font
    4 – Jenna ftw!

  39. I wish someone would punch Ashley in the face. What the fuck ever happened to “keep it to yourself?”

    I REALLY wish people would stop posting this kind of shit on facebook. You look like a fucking dumbass!

  40. YAYA #7 FTW !

  41. chingaso – Sure! This doesn’t have anything to do with my anal sex post, right?

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