Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Saw the Sign

More signs here!

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  1. “I saw the sign” Yeah, so did I on other websites which post funny photos. Why do people submit screenshots of photos? What has that got to do with Facebook?

  2. fail – the second ones obviously set up, the labels below say oregano and paprika not crushed chillies and cayenne

  3. That McDonalds one is nothing!!

    Just last week I went into Burger King and asked for a Double Whopper with Cheese.

    Imagine my shock when two well hung serving guys shoved their unwashed cocks half way down my throat!

  4. I admit that I am one of those people who make rude words out of the herbs and spices in supermarkets.

    I once left a “PISS” in a Tesco in Northumberland, a “COCK” in a Morrisons in South Yorkshire and a “TITS” in a Tesco in Oxfordshire.

    Depending on the supermarket, you can make an even more disgusting word.


  5. christ those unstoppable cleaning product ads are really starting to piss me off.

  6. @txikiwi they are mobile uploads to FACEBOOK.

  7. I get txikiwi’s point though… so many of the Lamebook entries now are just stuff like this… if I wanted to see signs with the word anus on them, I’d go to some funny signs website.

  8. @Imamofo – What no cheese? I would have been shocked too you know they charge you an extra 40 cents for that!

  9. The first one reminds me of this


  10. @8 – I’m sure there was cheese. HORK

  11. I have tried the anus pounder. I was promised 1/4 pound of hot meat but had to pay extra for the reach around. Damn capitalists.

  12. Imamofo, yum!

  13. That McDonald’s sign has been around the block a time or two.

  14. Thanks BritishHobo I don´t think Matty quite got it, though I mightn´t have explained myself well. It´s like the misspelled tattoo´s on here – great if there are jibes or a backstory that take place underneath, but otherwise I´d go to websites devoted to misspelled tattoos (of which there are plenty).

  15. Imamofo, thanks for the laugh… and for the image.

    I need to get off this page. There’s a resume running on a treadmill. Bloody distracting. Too many adverts on here now, waaaay too many.

  16. Imamofo, I know special orders don’t upset them, but those two seem a little too overzealous.

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