Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lil Wins

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  1. I would assume the creators of the site have a choice in what to post or NOT to post. I thought they could politely decline a submission or just not even put it up.

  2. Yes, of course they have a choice. But obviously what I meant was no one should complain about the quality of the posts because Lamebook can only choose to post out of what they are submitted.

  3. What does ‘>_>;’ mean? It appears to be a Wolverine winking while wearing a large earring…
    Under, I tend to agree. Except when the person amuses me like Hobo generally does.

  4. I understand underthesea.
    mad2, it’s an emoticon to show a smug or sarcastic look. the ; is to add nervousness or frustration. For example, ^^; is a nervous happy face. -.-; would be an angry frustrated face.

    Am I really giving lessons on emoticons? >.<\ *closing your eyes whilst face palming*

  5. Who designed these emoticons? Picasso? The forehead and mouth are not oriented properly relative to one another!

  6. Noo..the . is supposed to be a nose. Damn adults these days, being noobs.

  7. Yes, so you have eyebrow-nose-eyebrow-mouth. Thus, Picasso!

  8. *smiles and laughs* Damnit.

  9. LOL Picasso.. I, too, use the >_> facial expression but mine are minus the anime semicolons for frustration effect… I might be too old and crotchety for anime emoticons 🙂

    Hmmm except for my dancing Kirby…

    <(._.<) (>._.)>

    Sorry, seriously the Kindergarten class today got me all hyper and riled up today… lol

  10. …See… I’m even forming Kindergarten-like sentences.. BLAH

    Excuse the extra use of the word today in that last one, please 🙂

  11. You’re a Kindergarten teacher? Or a TA? I bet they’re just a giant bundle of adorable-ness.

  12. But see, the dancing Kirby at least looks like dancing Kirby.
    Speaking of Kirby, if you ever want to waste 2-3 hours watching an interesting live-action Nintendo story involving Princess Toadstool fucking Mario and Luigi, Samus working as a stripper, and Mario being a drug addict, google ‘There Will be Brawl.’ The acting is sub-par for a few of the characters but for being a totally indie production it is quite good.

  13. @mad2 – I appreciate your sympathy. 🙂
    Your wife sounds a little bit like my dad. He’s been in two accidents (thankfully very minor but still) in the past 6 years but yet would still not allow anyone else to drive his car but him (especially since it’s the newest of the 3 we have). Yet he had no problem taking my mom’s car whenever he wished… but complained if she (or anyone else) wanted to use his. :/
    To make matters worse, though… my mom, who has NEVER been in any kind of accident until recently, did use his car for the first time a couple months ago and hit the neighbor’s car backing out of our retarded driveway. Again, nothing major, no one hurt… a bit funny and ironic all around. In the end, I think dad’s car is just cursed for some reason. Haha.
    And I love B-more but yeah, it’s a shithole sometimes, in some places. Beer ‘n’ crabs is our thing, though, but I’m not crazy about either really. I feel like I should be disowned by MD. *lol*

    I don’t care much for the Japanese emotes (and don’t know specifically what most of them are though I get the general ideas of most of them) but… Squee @ dancing Kirby!!!

  14. wait wtf..?. testing…

    🙂 = : )
    😀 = : D

    Are they the same? If so, why? o.O

  15. Oh… nvm then. but : ) is still a little TOO cheery in appearance imo *shrug* stupid not-being-able-to-delete-own-comments … thing. I go away now.

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