Thursday, October 21, 2010

That Will Buffett Out

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  1. Frodo!

  2. We know Erica’s typing is the real reason she was dumped.

  3. Jesus Christ. Anothar? That’s not even how it’s phonetically pronounced. I’m curious to know where Rachel’s dialect is from.

  4. ‘We fake stole his car’?

    “Isn’t he going to go fucking mental when he sees we took his truck?”
    “Probably! But that’s the joke! He’ll calm down when he finds out we only FAKE stole it.”
    “Right, but… well, we did take it.”
    “Yeah, but only fake. We’re just playing. Quick, you take the wheel, I’m on Facebook, and spelling is apparently very very difficult for me because I’m FUCKING stupid.”

  5. Tits.

  6. Mmmmmmm tits

  7. Someone fake stole my car years ago (1970 RS Camaro) .. didn’t crash it… still thought he was an asshole and would have broke up with him too, if I was gay and dating him that is.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fuck me.

  9. Wow Hobo, your little skit made this post so much funnier.

  10. mass, I like that story. And you.

    Dukey, ok.

    I have a groin injury.

    I’m leaving.

  11. Until Hobo’s comment, this was just a stupid, migraine inducing post. Now it’s funny.

  12. Thanks word, you’re top drawer.

  13. #9 and #11 I agree, he’s on top form this evening.

  14. “Swerwe into a cicis pizza”

    What the…

  15. If the guy drives a truck, he’s probably a douchebag anyway.

  16. Only in fucking America.. a Cici’s Pizza. How do you even…even if it was on the edge of the strip…I….

  17. this gets a whole post to itself and the cellulite one didn’t?? Hey Keona, thanks for explaining the Gravatar thing 🙂

  18. Woohoo, I’m new here!
    …and now I’ll crawl back into my cave.
    …also what does “Swerwe into a cicis pizza” mean?

  19. @13 Haha my comment was sarcastic. I can’t figure out if your comment was too.

  20. Lawliet: “Cici’s Pizza” is this nasty cheap buffet (aka pig trough) place. The quality of the food is quite poor. Personally Erica did someone, if not her boyfriend, a favor.

  21. @17 You’re welcome. I will now continue to let my jaw drop whilst I utter nonsensical gibberish at the stupidity of this post.

  22. No it wasn’t – I heart BritishHobo

  23. Thanks Hobo, you saved the post! lmafo

    “because I’m FUCKING stupid.”

  24. At least now he can cash in the insurance and buy a hybrid and be awesome.

  25. I don’t think I could ‘swerve’ into a cici’s pizza place if I tried to. I doubt I could/would even hit a building if I was driving with a head completely full of acid, so drunk i’m barely conscious,higher than cloud 9 and suffering from narcolepy accompanied by a massive concussion. Also, while texting and watching a movie at the same time; even then I could avoid a massive fucking building.

  26. The hilarity of Hobes’ post brought me out of it. Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. Jonjones, I know what you mean. It’s right. Fucking. There. Big ass building. It bring a new meaning to “you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.”

  27. More like ‘Couldn’t avoid the broad side of a barn.’
    Why the fuck is ‘ads by google’ advertising right wing paraphernalia on here to me? I am about as liberal as it gets.

  28. Every person involved in that status message needs to die. God almighty, my head is pounding from reading that crap.

  29. @24 same here

  30. O cmon dis ez foony shit nowe lez all gu to CiCi’s

  31. Also, we don’t have Cici’s around here at all. Like not even in this state. But we get ads for them on tv. What kind of tease is that?
    Good luck hitting a Cici’s around here, although Erica might find a way.

  32. Where I live there have been two accidents involving people driving into storefronts in the last five years…

  33. @mad2 #17 Ditto! o.O
    #30 We would always get adverts for Sonic here in MD for like the last 3-4 years and never even had one in this STATE until just a few months ago.

    <3 BritishHobo but I have to say that wordpervert's #10 comment was not given nearly the attention it deserves…even though it sounds as though his computer screen did. 😉

  34. @BritishHobo.. That was pretty funny shit. I don’t want to pick out curtains with you or anything, but I’m a fan of your type of humor.

    In the actual post itself…damn. I really can’t get over how stupid the younger generation of America really is. This Erica girl has all the mental prowess of a jellyfish. ‘Nuff said.

    Now, I haven’t been back in about 10 years, but it seems that while I’m over here serving our country, people are just getting stupider and stupider. Please someone tell me that there are still intelligent people in America. I’d hate to come home and find that we’ve been taken over by retards (i.e…Democrats). If T.V. is any indication of what to expect….we’re all fucked!

  35. Stay overseas my friend!(as long as you are not in danger)

    Nothing left in that country!

  36. If I was the guy and some poorly educated skank showed up in my vehicle that I was stressing about being stolen like “SURPRISSSSE LOL JOKES” – I’d snap her neck like a bird in distress.

    So yeah, it might not seem like it Erica, but crashing that truck *might* just have saved your life.

  37. bollywood_rocks83

    O.G Dirtwood, I am not going to turn this into a political debate,but really?! How do you surmise that all the retards are Democrats? I’d love to hear your logic on that please…

    That is all. As for the post,am I the only woman these days who doesn’t think love= the ability to get away with anything? Seriously, why do our friends always tell us when a guy breaks up with us that we’ll find someone better/another man? Why can’t Rachael woman up and tell Erica she is a bitch for crashing someone’s car? Ugh… your friend is an idiot,Rachael. Telling her may be just what she needs.

  38. Bazinga 😀

  39. I had a girlfriend once that did stupid, annoying (never that bad though) “joke” or “fake” things.

    She could never understand that it’s not a joke or fake if you actually do something. Drove me fucking insane

  40. christopherlovet

    My brother would punch or kick me in the nuts until I fell down in the fetal position, and he’d have this big dumb confused look on his face and say: “Dude, I was just playing. It couldn’t have hurt!”

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