Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tip Top Type

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  1. “Tiger” is a verb? Really? That would negate just about all the English lessons I’ve had from 3rd grade on up.

    Fucking OUCH @ the pic. D: Tattoo fails are … well, fail. :/ I think I’d be giving my tattoo artist a fist-shaped tattoo on his forehead after that. And, as an afterthought, even without the misspelling that tattoo is just LAME as hell.

    Oh and Keona… ok I concede. Your pervertedness FAR exceeds mine! o.O *steps back*

    @Wednesday – Hard to tell, but my best guess would be the left side of someone’s back… or possibly just above the right hip on the front. *shrug* If that inward body curve there isn’t their waist then I have NO clue what it could be.

  2. Bit of advice for all you idiots who practically live on your phones… PROOF READ YOUR FUCKING UPDATES! Especially when it’s nothing more than a short sentence.

    This advice magnifies x1000 when getting a permenant tattoo on your arm – you IDIOT!

  3. *proofread

  4. The student has no exceeded the master yet, Shelley

  5. Ph3nom, you should be so banana. Apple down.

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