Thursday, October 21, 2010

State Your Status Highlights

We love that our users can let us know what is really on their minds. Here are some of our favorites from the State Your Status section.

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  1. Ben?

  2. Now that I got that out of my chest… I like Bill!

  3. Isn’t Bill’s just a two sentence version of that urban legend about that girl who… well, did all that stuff Bill said?

    I’ve always wondered about that State Your Status thing and what the fuck it was for, and I guess now we know…


  4. Really? I thought the only one already out there was the one about the smaller balls… I guess meh, then…

  5. No Hobo, I’m hoping that one’s real for a change! If so then Bill’s awesome.

  6. Oh wow, apparently the State Your Status thing is an entire section of the website where people give thumbs up or down to the entries like FML… how did I not know of this?

  7. ok I’m with you Hobo. it must be time to actually take a proper look round this place.

  8. meh!

  9. lol Hobo…. Theres hundreds of pages of great stuff in the state your status!

    Thats what happens when you are dinosaur on a website :p
    You don’t realise that change had been brought!

  10. Had to laugh at the banana peel, i could totally see someone doing that!

  11. I think the whole thing about fowarding a pic to that chicks Dad is friggin’ awesome. What a good way to turn the tables. Just hope Dad isn’t into that kind of thing. THEN it may just be wierd…

  12. All wins down the line.

  13. Hobo, I blame your constant bitching about twilight jokes.
    Now fake or not, why the fuck would you send your ex a porn shot of yourself?

  14. I am just glad that they blurred all of the profile pictures!

  15. hahaha yes! bigsmitty for the win!

    @curly and hobes i didn’t know about this either….

  16. Last time I saw a turtle, it had a green shell. When I see one of those bad boys with a red shell, I know it is time to put the pedal to the floor.

  17. wow, way to be super unoriginal. the best they could find are jokes that have been said too many times to count. they arent even funny. its just like FML, MLIA and all over again.

  18. I second #17.

    But the ‘poke’ one’s actually funny!

  19. Bill FTW even if it isn’t original. None are anymore. But the ones that can make us laugh after we’ve seen them a hundred times are impressive because of that.

    @mad2 – Umm, somehow it seems like a good idea at the time. Don’t ask me how I know. :X

    Jenine made me LOL forrealz.

    And after checking out the State Your Status page for the first time, I see some statuses interlaced between those in the post above that were WAY funnier, at least to me anyway.

    For example:
    If the world doesn’t end on 21st December, 2012, I have a feeling there will be a lot of babies born on September 20th, 2013.” (244 Likes)

    That one is only a few posts before the third pic on the above LB post (which had only 84 Likes btw). Then, immediately before the one from “imbpimp372” is this:

    If i buy a teddy bear for $5, name it Mohammed and sell it for $10, have i made of prophet?” (153 Likes)

    Am I alone in thinking those were funnier? Anyone…? 😛

  20. Shelley, I can’t say I can seen the appeal even now, unless you’re shitfaced. But by your implication, do we need to add you to the list of our very own wordpervert, Keona, etc.? Anyway, my opinion is that Bill is an asshole, and not the good kind of asshole like me. But that Bill’s ex is nine kinds of stupid.
    I dunno… none of the state your statuses seemed very funny to me, except Pauly’s.

  21. Quit being bitter mad2 :P!

    This is last comic standing, or facebook! it’s lamebook lame easy jokes are what keeps you here. Admit it!

  22. @mad2 – “and not the good kind of asshole like me”. Pissing myself ahhahaha … I like you more each day.

  23. I read this when it was first posted – and some idiot put the top one on Sickipedia four minutes later lol.

    I normally check that site after this one – if it’s been voted amongst the best, I suggest we band together and bury it.

  24. @mad2 – Having just had totally AMAZING sex that you never could have imagined with the immediate ex (especially when it was a LTR) is just about as good as being shitfaced. 🙂 IMO anyway. But sex is my fave drug, so… maybe that’s just me. Or, maybe I DO belong in that list. I have yet to find out…I hope it’s not a totally bad thing. xP

    But, no, really I never have sent anyone or even TAKEN nude photos of myself. (I think the camera would break.) I was just screwing around by alluding that I had. Though, I have done the next best(/worst) thing… sending the ex a VERY detailed and boastful email later that night. The imagery used may have just been enough to paint a picture.

    I hate to admit that I still laugh about it at times even though the ex has gotten over it and we are good friends again…but the sex with the new guy (now an ex, but no hard feelings with him) was just that. damn. good. OK sorry for the TMI. :/ Whatever that list is, I probably belong on it now.

    #22 curly – Ditto!

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