Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time for TMI

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  1. That bitch amber can just get her bitch ass in line behind me.

  2. I am actually stunned by that last one…

  3. Yes Jess. I can help you.

    Take your knickers off, bend over and spread that arsehole wide open for me.

    I’ve never fucked a wormhole before but I bet it’s out of this world!

  4. Amber sounds like a 42 year old man called Gene.

  5. I’ve actually seen that beber kid 3 times in the news now. First when he didn’t know Germany was a country, then walking into a door, and most recently running around at some awards show.

    I just wish people would fuck off with “news” about “celebrities.” i don’t give a shit.

    And while I’m here complaining about the “news,” I don’t need you weather-babes to spend 10 minutes telling me what the weather was like today either. I was here. I saw the fucking rain. Fuck off.

  6. Even if Amber is 15-ish, JB looks about 10 so I’m still grossed out.

  7. Some Lamebook posts provoke no reaction in me whatsoever. I often find them amusing. Very few make me laugh out loud, and that Bieber one is one of them.

  8. I’m more disturbed about the last one, if amber is older than lets say 20yr old then that is fucked up….and if she is lets say under 16yrs old then that’s even more fucked up…what are ppl teaching these kids?

    I agree with you Sir Walter Sobchak….it’s not that hard to look out the window to see if it’s raining or not, and plus i don’t give a shit if it’s 36 degrees out there… warm is warm, cold is cold, there is no need to know about anything more than that.

  9. Is it just me or is Beiber’s penis even smaller than expected?

  10. I HATE when people use “lol” (or in this case “lolz” to end a sentence, especially when what they said is not funny.
    And “suck it in a little” just made me gag a little.

  11. First I read the Justin Bieber thing and was almost too overwhelmed to think up a comment, then I saw a picture of Kristen Stewart underneath followed byh the line ‘Kristen Will Give Birth On Camera’.

    I… uh… fuck it, I’m out. You kids do what you want. I’m gonna be over here, rocking back and forth and crying.

  12. last one is fake fo sho?

  13. I doubt it. I’m seeing younger and younger people talk like that more and more on the internet now. It’s fucking creepy. I don’t care if people are fans of Justin Bieber, that’s their choice, and for the ten year old girls, that’s his target audience. But that’s just WEIRD.

  14. That Beieber one makes me want to cry. Back in the day, I was all about Justin Timberlake, but I don’t remember having such vulgar thoughts…or anyone else for that matter. Or at least not out loud like this.

    I mean, I…, I can’t..arg…um…*sob*

    There’s nothing I can do but weep for the future. I’m scared.

  15. Poor Amber. I remember being 15-16 years old and full of hormones and writing about what I would do to the guy I had a crush on, though I used correct spelling, grammar, and more concise language. And, I WROTE IT IN A DIARY THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD LOOK AT. Then I grew up, and stopped writing stupid shit all together.

    Except for this.

  16. k well, I want your penis.

    Best way to end that little ditty.

  17. Am I allowed to say that wordpervert is my inSIPEREation?

  18. Man oh man… “sexiest kid alive” is such a sad, worrisome statement. Is the youth of today really that doomed, or has it always been like that and I just lived in a bubble a decade ago?

  19. Justin Bieber scares me. He looks all kinds of creepy! Why in the world would any one want to do him? I don’t understand this crazy attraction for this kid?

  20. Not to sling my old granny age out for all to see, but I can say that if my parents ever found out I threw out that kind of dialogue way back when, I would be wearing orthopedic pants to this very day. Why? Because my mother’s foot would still be up my ass! This little girl needs:
    1. A smack on the ass and a set of worth-while parents to give her that smack on the ass,
    2. A week or two in a juvenile detention center where she can learn first hand about the nonsense she is revealing to every random freak in the world, and
    3. A map to show her where she can find the friggin’ spell-check icon, or
    4. She needs to remember to log out before leaving her computer un-attended.

  21. Jess may have been disgusting in posting that on FB, but for many reasons I find Amber to be a Lot more disgusting and in need of a Lot of therapy…

    and I feel bad for Mike… for several reasons.

  22. Hahahaha. That first one, the “too much flour. add milk.” That was fantastic.

  23. So Amber is a lesbian?

  24. Amber’s model is a 1:1 scale.

  25. I hate sharing the same name as crazy bitches

  26. Who the fuck would want to do him? He’s a dumbass little kid with hair that looks like paint. Guys like Jimmy Page obviously had the right sex appeal.

  27. I know someone who is just as obsessed with Biebs as Amber is, and she’s 23. It’s disgusting, really.

  28. Twinkle, if Amber were actually Bieber’s age, this would hardly be disturbing and I don’t see why such a harsh response would be necessary. I suspect, however, that she is like 30.
    Either way she’ll be pretty disappointed to learn that Bieber’s got, shall we say, an inny not an outie!

  29. hmm even if that was scaled 1:1, i seriously doubt Biebers balls are that big.

  30. 1. lol
    2. ….I JUST ate dinner..
    3. see^

  31. Agree with Keona.
    #1 – ROFL!! Andrew FTW!!!!

    #2 – Gross. Bitch.

    #3 – You fucked up paedophilic bitch.

    No wonder they say smartphones’re making people dumber

  32. Andrew for the fucking win. I hate assholes like Mike who whine about their boring love lives, even to people that barely know them.

    I think I hear a frape alarm going off on number two.

    Number three would be 10x better with a parent or senior relative responding.

  33. It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: Andrew FTW!!

  34. i have funny friends. I cant believe they put mine on here. (number 1.) fuck yeaaa

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