Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil Wins

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  1. These statuses please me.

  2. Another Twilight joke! I used to like it, then I hated it now I feel something beyond hate. I don’t have a word for it.

  3. This is one of the best Twilight-jokes I’ve seen, particularly because it is quite a misdirect (one expects the response to refer to some cheesy porno flick).

  4. Because they don’t suck blood for “life” they suck it because of the plasma in it.

  5. Magically Suspicious

    I’ve seen Walking Dead and I’ve seen Underground ATL. Underground ATL is way scarier.

  6. Chatroullette has more dicks on it than the comments section of Lamebook!

  7. The second one was good until the Edward part. Love or hate, why are people so obsessed with twilight?

  8. Mike’s Dad owns! He’s right and so is Magically Suspicious – “A story for another day…” LMAO I have a story almost just like that. Fucking Underground Atlanta…. ugh

  9. Ijkl, in Stoker’s version, it wasn’t clear what vampires suck blood for. However, it was hinted through the ravings of Renfield that Dracula does consume life by consuming blood.
    The more medical ‘needs plasma’ or ‘needs hemoglobin’ or whatever did not come into vogue until later.

  10. I would be so happy if I never saw another Twilight themed status again, be it obsessive love for it or obsessive hate. It’s over. Move on, people.

  11. @Magically Suspicious re:Underground Atlanta

    Scared of black folks, huh?

  12. The only thing I laughed at here was steeeever! Oh god!

  13. The chatroullette one is hilarious.

    And let’s not turn this into a racial thing shall we. I know how creepy underground Chicago is, I can only imagine the same for Atlanta. No racial factor included.

  14. bollywood_rocks83

    Let me settle this:

    I live in Atlanta and I’d rather be subjected to the traffic at the Atlanta airport than go to underground.Eww…

  15. If underground Atlanta is anything like the downtown eastside in Van, I’m staying the fuck away unless I’m carrying a clip-fed automatic shotgun. People run faster than zombies, and I need to be able unload on them that much more efficiently.

  16. Been to underground atlanta. My achiles tendon snapped there. Fucked up place it is. I will remember those stairs forever.

  17. Katie misspelled “he’s got the magic stick.”
    I agree with Bone.,..second was good until the Twilight shit…people are obsessed with it, love it or hate it..because Edward is like their drug…their own personal brand of Heroin.

    Third one I don’t get because I have never seen hat movie, and I have never been to any states long enough to walk around except CA, MI, and TN. Last one rocked.

  18. Douche, isn’t there at least one more Twilight movie coming out? It is hardly ‘over,’ even though it seems most people are sick of hearing about it.
    What exactly IS underground Atlanta/Chicago? The subway?

  19. I don’t think Edward Cullen can be compared to the effects of heroin accurately.

    @12, ‘waronxmas’

  20. Mad2, it’s more than just the subway – there’s streets (Lower Wacker Dr. in Chicago for instance)and entrances for business and stuff like that. If you’ve ever seen Batman Begins or the Dark Night, a lot of stuff was filmed in the lower part of Chicago.

  21. I don’t see the post correcting myself but Dark Knight

  22. Danesh made me lol – mostly because it made me think of the south park aids episode.

    I watched the walking dead too and thought it was awesome.

    I watch too much t.v.

  23. @Jonjones it was a quote from the books/ movies. I’m ashamed I still remember it…I wish I could erase it all from my memory.

  24. It would have been funny, if Josh had gone for “Happy Swalloween” instead. The Edward Cullen comment – meh.

  25. LMAO at Anya. DItto.. Dracula was funny, Edward not so much.

    1 and 4 kinda funny

    3 just WEIRD!!!!!!!

  26. Katie, come and give my magic wand a wave and make it magically discharge the enchanted drops of snow milk onto your vacuously vacant face.

    Troy it doesn’t work… i’ve tried it…I didn’t last two minutes outside that primary school dressed in nothing but a broken down monitor and a ‘slops sock’

  27. LOL @ Keona, unfortunately I recognized the quote too. My ex (yes, ex, thankfully) somehow convinced me to watch the first one with him (and never did he repay the debt) and I wish I hadn’t. Close to three hours of my life, just WASTED forever. But, rather than “obsessively hate” it I am mostly just indifferent.

    I do hate the fact that there are, I believe, two more movies coming out. The final book is going to be made into two Parts (like Harry Potter, but at least Harry Potter DESERVES the honor — yeah, I love it. Sue me.). Gah! They have to prolong our suffering?!

  28. *sues you* Hey, I <3 HP too. and the only reason I've watched the T movies after I realized the first one sucked, is shallow. Jacob's eye candy. But that's it. If I were to be quizzed on the dialogue of the movie, I wouldn't have registered one line into my memory.

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