Thursday, November 4, 2010

Naive Nikki

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  1. I love some of the 93% posts going around. Good one, Nikki.

    Also, Ben/Gerrit/Stever


  3. Run. Towards the shed… I’ve got her.
    GO! NOW!

  4. I think the status was much more amusing than her idiot friend. She’d probably have a freakout if she saw the Death Star one.
    “That’s an imaginary object! It’s in a movie and was never real! I don’t get it!”

  5. The status is Win, the idiot friend is just icing on the cake 😛

  6. Well, I think we should all give Nikki credit for knowing that a velociraptor is a dinosaur. A lot of people on FB would not.

  7. The premise of this joke is that dinosaur attacks, like homophibic bullying, died a long time ago, which is neither true nor funny. I strongly dislike this facebook meme, as well as the Star Wars one.

  8. lol @ Dawn of the Dan. “Clevah girl…”

  9. Coincidentally that is exactly how i would leave both Emily and Nikki’s faces looking as they knelt before me, giggling over how silly they both were.

  10. @nailbat If you’re making it about Gay bullying it’s unfair to exclude Boob Cancer, because there were ones for that too.

  11. @nailbat Are you sure about that? Those 93% things have been around waaaaay longer than this recent homophobic bullying issue has been in the news. Way back when, I remember it usually being about believing in God or using drugs/alcohol. And I definitely read the Star Wars one quite a while ago. I don’t think people are as douchey as you think they are… or at least, not in this particular case.

  12. Sorry, not meaning to imply that homophobic bullying itself is recent, just it being in the news… that’s what happens when you try to change how you word something halfway through a sentence

  13. @thegreekmind, Damn how I could I forget to include the God ones…they bug the crap out of me… Plus in all honesty, I highly doubt people are creative enough to come up with it as a parallel to the death of Gay Bullying….I feel it was just someone being a wee bit sensitive.

  14. @thegeekmind~ That is what is so wrong about the PC movement. While yes, there are things that are offensive in general, sadly the idea behind PC has been distorted.

    Nowadays it is basically if one person can find a hidden meaning behind anything to become offended by, then the thing is offensive. Could never anymore be some narrow-minded, thin skinned nitwit is just overreacting because they crave attention.

  15. You know what, 93% of people hate these statuses. Will you be one of the 7% who will post this to piss off people and get yourself removed from their newsfeed?
    Because, honestly, that’s what happens when I see one.

  16. I’ve never seen the Star Wars one. Link?

  17. You want to know what’s really unstoppable? Alien. They will fuck up any raptor.

  18. lame. and that is all.

  19. The status was overdone very quickly, but the reply made it a little funny again.

  20. @blondebimbo It’s not the same thing as breast cancer, though – who is a “silent, ashamed victim” of cancer? There are a lot of emotions associated with cancer but shame isn’t, commonly, one of them. I am not a fan of seeing tragedy turned into a less-than-clever joke, so on that level, “lol breast cancer/suicide caused by bullying/dinosaur attacks”. And though I did specify homophobia in my first comment, I do mean to all bullying-related suicide.

    @thegreekmind The “93% of you won’t repost this” thing has been around for ages, yes, since the chain email bullshit, but the wording and theme of the meme itself is based on having lost a loved one to variations of X – which, in this case, is most recently associated with the burst of news coverage of teen suicides.

    @NR It’s not about being “politically correct” – it’s about highlighting and changing behavior that actually hurts people and perpetuates bad ideas. Of course, on one level it’s funny to joke about velociraptor attacks, because it’s absurd to believe that still actually happens. But when the joke riffs on mocking actual, contemporary, continuing pain, it’s not being a “narrow-minded, thin-skinned nitwit” to call it like it is.

  21. The serious whatever % statuses are lame, annoying, and boring. The only way to make them bearable is to have ones like this that, even though quickly overdone, are still better than the so-called serious ones, which are unbearable before they’re even posted.

    If someone posted the serious ones without the last line of “93% of people won’t repost this, will you,” they’d actually be worth something.

  22. And yeah, I generally block or remove someone who uses the non-joking ones. Much like the stupid bra and purse game, it turns away more people than it supposedly educates, making it not only a useless tool for “raising awareness,” but quite an effective tool at making people disregard the point in the first place.

  23. Nailbat makes me wish I had facebook for the sole purpose of posting this velociraptor status.

  24. shoooot herrrrrrr! shooooooot herrrrrrr!

  25. Nailbat, that is simply untrue. I also see all the time the ones that go “I love person X, repsost this! Blah blah blah”. If you truly feel that something needs to be done about these issues (be it homophobia, breast cancer, raising awareness about how much you love your mother/brother/sister/pastor/pizza delivery boy) some stupid repost is not enough. There is no need to get all offended because someone mildly clever made a joke.

  26. reefer for nailbat please

  27. @nailbat, Yeah you get your breasts chapped off and be unashamed of that and how your body looks, my aunt won the war against it for now, but lost that battle. (And I don’t think many men besides Lance Armstrong would be overly proud of their one testicle). I feel that was an unfair statement about there not being unashamed cancer patients, or it not being typical. I don’t think you have any idea (and in the end nor really fully do I, how true or untrue that statement is. (Those were the first two forms of cancer to pop into my mind so those are the examples I have provided.)
    Sorry, but I still feel as though you’re taking it for something much bigger than it really is. Sometimes a velociraptor victim is simply that, a velociraptor victim.

  28. *chopped and end ) after I.
    I swear they need a post edit option.

  29. They’re lethal at eight months, and I do mean lethal.

  30. This is the latest statistic status that has been floating around my newsfeed:

    Put this on your status if you know someone/are related to someone who suffers from being a Calgary Flames Fan. Being a Flames Fan is a real disorder and should be taken seriously. There is still no known cure for CFF and sympathy does not help. But we can raise awareness. 90% of Flames fans wont repost this because they don’t know how to copy and paste.

    Also saw it for Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

  31. @blondebimbo The feeling of shame in having one or both breasts or testicles removed is due to the insane value society places on these body parts. A woman is no less a woman with one or no breasts, and a man is no less a man with one or no testicles. However, society treats these people differently, and that is why they would feel shame. That’s not the same as feeling like part of yourself is gone – but that applies to any body part that has to be amputated for medical reasons, not just parts that define sex and gender – because sex/gender is a huge part of how people are judged by others.

    Also, way to assume I have breasts or would not be okay with having them removed should I have them.

    Props to you for knowing how to have an intelligent conversation, by the way. I appreciate it when people who disagree with me are sensible and coherent.

    @PeanutButtercup “If you truly feel that something needs to be done about these issues (be it homophobia, breast cancer, raising awareness about how much you love your mother/brother/sister/pastor/pizza delivery boy) some stupid repost is not enough.” What makes you think I limit myself and my activism to facebook posts I disagree with?

  32. Only comment I read was the #31.

    Just saying WTF are you fuckers talking about?!!

  33. I’m from Chicago and I’ve seen this floating around about Cubs fans. I laughed the first time I saw it because I’m a Sox fan, but after that it got old.

  34. @Nailbat, I wasn’t sure to assume testicle or breasts, and usually assuming both is considered rude? I don’t think I’d take it as rude…well, I’d take it as odd because in all honesty “blondebimbo” screams chick. But that would be true on society putting waaaayy to much emphasis on breasts, ( would know because I was cursed with B-Cups), but I know that I would feel shame in how m body looked and that part of me was missing (I would hope to get past that), but I feel like at any point when some thing thats always been there (of for girls popped up around puberty), would not be a completely shameless loss. Speaking for myself, I know I would be. I know my aunt (and few others) where were ashamed of how they looked and not in the eyes of society, but just in their own eyes.

  35. Please copy this to your status if you know someone or have been affected by someone who needs a foot up the ass. People who need a foot up the ass affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for someone who deserves a foot up the ass, except a foot up the ass. But we can raise awareness. 93% of people won’t repost this because they too need a foot up the ass.

  36. Nailbat, I wasn’t suggesting that you do limit your activism to facebook reposts, the point I was tying to make (admittedly somewhat incoherently) was that there are much more important things to get upset about and facebook reposts are not one of them. They can be serious, they can be funny, they can simply be boring, but at the end of the day they are just not that important.

  37. 1. Breasts are awesome. If anything, society undervalues them.
    2. B cups are great. People have this silly lack of appreciation for undersized titties and it makes no damn sense.
    3. If you lose your breasts or testicles, your sexuality is affected. Since sexuality is a major source of pleasure for most people, most people care. I mean, fuck what society thinks, if I have less testosterone that means less ability to get it up. And I want to do that for my wife and myself, never mind society.
    4. Please copy this to your status if you or someone you know has been affected or offended by the posting of ‘please copy this to your status if…’ joke statuses. This is a serious problem that affects one individual who feels they somehow demean gays who commit suicide. But we can raise awareness. Nobody will post this except nailbat because everybody else finds such statuses funny or sensibly does not give a shit.

  38. @nailbat Go yiff yourself.
    @mad2 lmao.
    @post lol.

  39. @24 lmao that was great

  40. @7
    Originally I thought your post was genius, when I thought your mispelling of homophobic as homophibic was an actual thing and that it meant prejudice against homo-sapiens. Also, you might wanna re-read your writing “the premise is that dinosaur attacks, like homophibic bullying, died a long time ago, this is neither funny or true”
    Originally it seemed like you were saying dinosaur attacks and homo-sapien attaks hadn’t died out and it wasn’t a laughing matter. Unfortunately it appears you actually despise this harmless joke…which is less funny.

  41. <4 jonjones

  42. I usually <4 Jonjones…this is no exception…that was pretty amusing hahaha.

  43. I keep seeing dinosaur posts like these from my FB friends and they;’re getting dumb. Still, none are as dumb as this. Nikkie is a dumb cunt. Defriend her.

  44. All chain statuses are lame. Good on this site for showcasing and exposing the chain idiocy, but foul language is just as bad.

  45. @shelleymichelle.


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