Friday, March 25, 2011

Watch What You Watch

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  1. I hate when people write stuff like the made it up themselves…

  2. As I am one to do? It’s ‘as I am wont to do’. You suck at trying to sound smart, Matt.

  3. #1 I hate it too! But maybe they need to feel smart and important! hahaha
    #2… Are you trying to say ‘I am WANTED to do”? Anyways I don’t get what he’s trying to say with that.

  4. #3… “wont” is correct. Check a dictionary. 🙂

  5. What about Owl?

  6. I think Owl would probably be the psychiatrist.

  7. #3 “as I am wont to do” is a common phrase meaning “I am in the habit of doing”

    Pooh is ADD and OCD with a fixation on honey
    Tigger is bipolar or possibly borderline
    and eeyore is dysthymic

  8. Another nice movie: Alien vs Predator – (yep the first in that series) – great love triangle between the face hugger, a predator and an alien queen.

  9. I would say Owl is an extreme narcissist.

  10. #4 Oh! Thanks… I didn’t knew that…

  11. So I assume they are longer teaching the Tao of Pooh in college or high school?

  12. #9 maybe you should have found out before you tried correcting someone. Idiot.

  13. The second one was the first clever post I’ve seen on Lamebook in ages.

    First one is an old joke… Not original.

  14. #12, I’m pretty sure you meant to direct that at #10. Idiot.

  15. I’m late for English class again. Fuck.

  16. #7: WRONG. Have you ever watched it?

    Also, let’s not forget about Kanga and Roo, what are their problems?

  17. @ 16: re: Kanga and Roo: Severe enmeshment issues with accompanying Oedipal issues. Plus, there’s that whole “I’m 40 and living in Mom’s pouch” issue…

  18. Kenga is the mom that breastfeeds her 5 year old.

  19. *kanga

  20. i agree human centipede is a great love story. the end is a tear jerker

  21. So aaron is supposed to be a dude and thinks Pretty Women is “cute” hmm is that the joke?? Ask any of my male friends and they will tell you how stupid it is.. ‘a whore who makes it rich.. sure..’ maybe I’m being insensitive, I myself like the movie, however even I would not call it cute..

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