Thursday, March 24, 2011


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  1. First!!!

  2. Stever?

  3. Shama was lame as fuck. Richard was okay. And WTF Dion…”has made many people legless”…I thought you were comparing land mine to cock, not land mine to land mine.

  4. Dion’s is clearly the worst. He/she should be ashamed. I laughed at the deadly to children one.

  5. Needs just some pressure to set it off?
    Looks like candy to Vietnamese children?
    Always ready to blow?

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Something to be avoided?
    Only attacks those who aren’t expecting it?

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Extremely powerful, but only for a split second?
    As long as you keep your foot on it, it won’t go off?

  8. Come on guys, seriously? Your cock hasn’t left soldiers legless?? You must not be doing it rite..

  9. You have to “secure” its tip with a piece of wire after accidentally stepping on it?

  10. Urine pours out of it? Oh wait…

  11. It’s a weapon of m/Ass destruction?

  12. Who liked Dion’s?

  13. My cock is like a tsunami…….

    Wait, can you delete that lamebook?

  14. My cock is like a nuclear reactor when it gets wet it goes into meltdown……

    Wait, can you delete that lamebook?

  15. My cock is like an earth quake it shattered many lives.

    Wait, can you delete that lamebook?

  16. @saffer, i liked that one, mainly because reading it brought back fond memories of the sack-races I so much enjoyed in my childhood.

  17. I have a soft spot for Alistair, there

  18. what? wtf, lamebook?
    Where’s the rest of my comment?

  19. Again? fuckers!
    -pre-emptively insert me1td0wn ab0ut lameb00k taking 0ff references to Japon-

  20. try just spelling Japan wrong and see if they catch it. but now they’ll probably figure it out cuz i said something….damn it!

  21. Oh no! The machines! They are learning!

  22. Seriously, it’s neither meltdown nor Japan.

    Lamebook, maybe?

    I can tell them to fuck off no problem, but string a few harmless words together… fuck no

  23. The Politically correct bastards pulled me up for Rapeification the other day, the fucking self bummifiers

  24. Alistair.
    Enough said.

  25. Anders commenting on Alistair…geek meter reading is off the charts.

  26. ANDERS!!! Don’t do it! We can find a peaceful solution!

  27. I’m sorry. I’m taking a break from my 4th playthrough. 🙁 I has an addiction.

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