Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let’s Share

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  1. And white women’s breast milk tastes like crackers. Mmmm Saltines.

  2. blondebimbo is right, they do. I can still remember the taste of mom’s.

    Chad, technically, you can still have sex AND someone who will stay with you. All you have to do is simply find another diseased fuck with Herpes.

    Kiersi? And I never knew human babies could get worms…that’s more than just a little disturbing. Unless she’s speaking of a pet.

  3. Keona apparently never heard of pinworms.

  4. Anyone else get the feeling Tiffany will be that somebody? A little bump in the roads not gonna ruin her day..

  5. Or ringworms or tapeworms, beatusmongous.

    I wish Andrew was making a racist joke. That would be easier for me to take than the fact that he is a major fucking idiot. He can’t be that stupid, can he? Please just let him be racist.

  6. Tiffany’s working hard for that herp.

  7. Andrew’s mom tastes like Natty Ice.

  8. Fuck. People are this stupid?

  9. It seems like todays’s posts are about the degenerate class. Call me when it’s over

  10. #5 I’m pretty sure he was just making a dumb joke. Come on.

  11. Wow Chad tried really hard to spell doubt correctly. Kudos to him for trying.

  12. Marrone!

  13. @3 No, to be honest I haven’t heard of them…and to be honest again, I really haven’t ever heard of a baby getting worms. An adult getting them, yes, but not a baby.

  14. Dawn of the Dan

    Andrew spelled everything right, so I’m leaning towards thinking he’s joking. Hopefully.

  15. Tiffs: “For the love of god Chad, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease infect me with your herpes! I want them! I want you! I want your babies! LOVE MEEEE BACK!”

  16. Tiffany’s got it bad for Chad. He just can’t take a hint.

  17. Tiffany is probably Chad’s mother.

  18. MsBuzzkillington

    Ring worms are/is? pretty contagious. Pretty much someone gets them some how and then you touch the person and you get it to. At least I think that’s how it goes. My cousin got ring worms a long time ago.

    I love the side note part… the fact that she said “side note” makes me laugh.

    “I am so happy and proud of my boyfriend. He has a job and just bought us a new house, life is grand. Side note… how do you get rid of herpes?”

  19. I have a question for Andrew:- Fuck off you imbecile.

    Granted it’s not a question but the sentiment remains.

  20. Chad, it’s very easy to maintain an active sex life when you have got the cock rot…. just don’t tell anybody you have it. If anybody asks what the smell is just tell ’em you farted.

  21. Tiffany probably has herpes anyway and is just glad Chad’s joined the fun

  22. ifitwerentformyhorse

    The “not racist” guy offends me because he must be more of a dumbass than the herpes guy if he’s actually asking that question seriously.

  23. My favorite part of Andrew’s stupidity is that he can’t even keep his own retardedness straight. With Hispanic women he wants to know if the flavor of their milk is influenced by diet, but then with black people he’s now wondering if it’s influenced by skin color.

  24. MsBuzzkillington, ringworms aren’t actually worms. They are a fungus. But yeah, they are pretty contagious.

  25. Ugh, Kiersi’s status made me want to throw up. I know she said ‘side note’ but she really needs to warn a bitch!

    Side note: Kiersi? What a name.

  26. Tiffany is begging to be pounded by the herpes hammer.

  27. Tiffany could just be trying to cheer up her friend. Not every comment meant to cheer someone up means someone is flirting. Geesh. And at least Chad doesn’t plan on not telling the people he is with. The only thing lame about this entry is he posted it on his wall where his so called friend could submit it on this site.

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