Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Sucky Situation

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  1. Wowzers Tabitha, first.

  2. Seriously wtf. How can someone spell this poorly? It’s like a new language.

  3. oh ya, I almost forgot.

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    Tabitha, I know you probably don’t have a lot of time to deal with this AND your Rhodes Scholarship Program, but you’ve really got two options here: 1. move on or 2. open relationship. He’s rather forthcoming in his desire to not let go of his knob-polishing ex.

  5. Well, that little kid in the lower right sure looks mulatto. Colour me surprised!

  6. Tabitha, less whining, more sucking
    Personnally, I’d go for the open relationship, though

  7. If you won’t dump his ass like a normal person then… take some dick-sucking lessons? Ask his ex for some pointers? Tell him to videotape it next time, then practice, practice, practice!?

  8. I wish everybody that spells like that would just kill themselves

  9. ^ fucking right. -_- It’s almost too painful to read.

  10. DAMN IT!!! i hate u wiggers!!!!

  11. Uh I say to that: “Goodbye”. Seriously why do some women stay with guys that make them feel like shit? I’m hideous and I still have options. Geez.

  12. doschoolseventeachspellinganymore

    1) she’s a moron for putting up for a guy like that.

    2) she’s a moron for thinking that writing like that makes you cool.

    To sum up — she’s a moron.

  13. Tabitha you ignorant f**k — can’t you type like a normal person?!

  14. How about she sucks his dick instead?

  15. Awwwww I know the beginning of a captivating love story when I see one!

  16. @tobiasfunke

    AD fans unite!

  17. I once had a cat named Tabitha, she knew how to please a man though…

  18. Did anyone else notice the guy behind her?? 0_0 camouflaged brilliantly

  19. Holy crap ginob I did not see him until you pointed him out. I think my brain classified it as some kind of back drop or something I don’t know how I missed that. Wow.

  20. I’m not kidding, I have a headache from reading this. I couldn’t make it to the end either… I stopped halfway, somewhere where she kept saying “that’s what I said!”


  21. *Dats wat i said

  22. *insert racist stereotypical comment here

  23. HUHUHUHUH ….I said “Insert” huhuhuh

  24. *insert fork into my eye … here

  25. I know it’s a pipe dream, but I’m hoping 2012 will rid society of these idiots. I would rather struggle in a post-apocalyptic landscape with sentient beings, than the current choice – sharing a world of cable TV and Wal-Mart with hopeless rejects.

  26. breakingconformity

    k so i wntd 2 try typng lik dis cuz ya no so many ppl on da posts on here do. and its like so hard ya no? Like wtf?

    (Seriously. It is so much more difficult to type like an illiterate monkey than an articulate human being.)

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow her boyfriend is a really nice guy for keeping her around even though she doesn’t suck dick. He even found other alternatives so he wouldn’t have to break up with her.

  28. @26 – …unless one is an illiterate monkey.

  29. Fuck me. Tabitha writes like yoink. Ah, the memories…

  30. Yoink was fucking Shakespeare in comparison to that car crash of a conversation. I stopped halfway through as my eyes were bleeding and I felt the urge to hurt cute fluffy things. Which isn’t good.

  31. Having read the whole passage I can confirm that the salient point of the conversation seemed to be that Tina Turner sang better songs when she was recieving the hairy side of Ike’s hand on a regular basis…

    Steamy Windows and Private dancer Vs Nutbush City Limits and River Deep Mountain High?

  32. lather.rinse.repeat

    Obviously Dedra is actually literate but she has to try to dumb it down so Tabitha can understand her.

  33. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I almost had an aneurysm trying to read all that.

  34. Ahhh…spring truly is the time for love. Breathe it in guys. Can you smell the love? It smells like rancid meat and fear.

  35. What kind of people understand the language in this post? Jesus, it just gave me a migraine!

  36. Quick, somebody find out where Tabitha lives so we can kidnap her and remove her ovaries! Seriously, it’s for the good of humanity that she be sterilized.

  37. Wow, I didn’t even notice the guy until someone pointed him out. I think this is my first lamebook mindfuck! Oh wait, I forgot about that fatty-arm pic from a while back. Can anyone think of any others?

  38. That black guy is missing a finger.

  39. brilliant fake

  40. I hope that’s not her baby -.-

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