Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Bios

If you HAD to pick: Jordie or Joy?

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  1. first? me?!?

  2. What, no “mess with me and I’ll fuck you up”?

    Also, I’d like to be the first to congratulate benladen. Well done!

  3. Oh no..

  4. So hard to choose, both are equally bad, but I’m such a grammar Nazi, so I’d choose Jordie. Joy’s writing made me cringe.

    P.S. – Santorum

  5. Did they remove one again?

  6. Dear Lamebook,
    If you’re going to post lame entries, grow some balls and leave them up! The more inappropriate or offensive the entrie, the more we like your site. Here lately…you really suck!

  7. I am actually very surprised at how sane she appears to be. She didn’t say anything about “drinkin’ whn im preggo, but whatevs”. She’d down from her past relationships, but she doesn’t overly bash them or dwell on it. She doesn’t inflate her “partying” ability by saying “I go out all the time and do crazy shyt!”. She’s working toward a marketable trade skill. As a straight guy, and without the slightest bit of hesitation I say, “You go, girlfriend!”


  9. Good lord, do teenage mothers really exist? Well this is just appalling! Those harlots. How dare they. Let’s judge! Judge them! Whores! Because today apparently we’re upper class gentleman in the fucking Victorian era.

  10. she needs to lose some weight, the fat pig.

  11. BritishHobo’s mom had him when she was a teenager.

    10 bucks says the dudes who knocked those whores up aren’t white, yellow, or brown!

  12. Christ o mighty, its not about being teen moms or about being fat! Its the horrendous taste Jordie has and for Joy…WTF is a signal mom!?!? or a beast friend!? Those poor babies. It’s sad when you can out spell your mom by 1st grade. Dummies.

  13. CommentsAtLarge


    Let’s not forget the irony in Jordie’s – her state of pregnancy speaks to her favorite activity.

  14. SIGNAL mom.

  15. I just wanted to use the word harlot.

  16. It’s christ almighty, not O mighty. Lol though.

  17. I always wanted a little sister to be my beast friend. I would have built her a kennel to live in and every now end then we would go out for a walk around the neighbourhood, and she would have her own leash and a muzzle and all …

  18. fivensky – i think it’s christ o’mighty in ireland.

  19. Prove it?

  20. hmm… Jordie or Joy?… I go with Jordie because her baby isn’t born yet- there’s still an iota of hope

  21. fealkj, what are they purple?

  22. It’s Christ O’Mighty. He’s Irish.

  23. She doesn’t seem to be a bad speller, she just uses the wrong words.

  24. I think some male LB readers just turned gay

  25. i actually know “jordie” irl… her baby daddy IS white.

  26. Haha, for a moment I read Joy’s “I’m so pooped on guys” as a plaintive cry to the reader; “Guys, I’m so sad, everyone keeps pooping on me 🙁 ”

    On a related aside, I really can’t stand all these self-conscious bump shots. If you have a single other photo of yourself doing anything anywhere over the last few months, that should be enough to let people know you’re knocked up. No need to continually take pictures of yourself cradling that precious bit of proof attesting to your sex life.

  27. It’s really too bad that her signal isn’t STOP.

  28. Jordie is a fan of Jerry. What a surprise.

    And it might be your little sister, or it might be someone else, but all of us girls have at least one beast friend. But I prefer the term D.U.F.F.

  29. I want to paint Jordies heaving lactating milk bags a lovely translucent-yellowish colour.

    To avoid bloated abdomens I would put my long ‘relationship’ down her shitter.

  30. Yellowish, mofo? Is that normal? No judgements. Just curious, that’s all.

  31. wordy what is normal?… Normality is a very subjective concept, often vastly altering in form based upon the social conditioning of the individual forming the opinion … Is yellow spunk normal? Is it normal to have open weeping sores on ones scrotum? Is it normal to follow ‘Bus girl’ home every night? Is it normal to listen to the voices telling me to make her cry?… I say yes, a court of my peers seems to disagree… tomato – tomahto

  32. I knew I was taking a risk by asking you that question, mofo. So much disturbing imagery there. I shall sleep well tonight. Thanks, buddy.

  33. I know, I know… I went too far didn’t I? Talking about social conditioning is just wrong.

  34. I would pick Joy. She at least has her own place and aspirations OTHER than just getting laid. Sounds more like she’s bitter.

  35. I’d choose Jordie: We have same interests!

  36. herculestrockefeller

    OMG, let me be the first to point out from #1:


  37. She listens to Nickelback? No wonder she got knocked up at such a young age.

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