Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Right Way to Win!

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  1. Ben

  2. Tomorrow is friday.

  3. Sunday comes after Saturday.

  4. Today is not Friday, yesterday was Wednesday.

  5. Jake’s status makes me wonder what lamebook’s definition of a win is.

  6. The Dykes one wasn’t a win at all…in fact it doesn’t make sense. The others were alright.

  7. How is the last one a win? Tony Danza IS an actual person…

  8. It’s a win in Lamebook terms because that person thought Tony Danza was a character. Which he is, when you remember the video of him falling on his face while rollerblading. Classic, now I can’t stop laughing…

  9. Since Lamebook doesn’t seem to understand, these qualities must be present for something to qualify as a “win”: 1. It must be funny. 2. It must be intelligent. And most importantly, 3. It must be original. Stealing someone else’s shit does not qualify as a “win”. At all. None of these meet this criteria. At all.

  10. breakingconformity

    Is 3 a South Park reference? You know, from the underpants gnome episode. “Step 1= Steal underwear. Step 2= ? Step 3= Profit.”

  11. Anytime I see the name Tony Danza I think of “Bedazzled” when the b/f said “And I’m Tony Danza!”. Annnnd in the same voice he said it in too. Tee hee!

  12. I don’t know if South Park is where it originally comes from, but it definitely has been around a while. I’ve seen this all over the Internet along with the rest of these ‘slightly’ overused memes.

  13. @breakingconformity

    Yes it is from that episode. And that reference was way funnier than the other comment, which I’m disappointed that they would put on there at all. That was a really lame joke. I’m super cereal guys.

  14. @ blah mcblah: I think the number of “wins” that boil down to “this person told a woman to get in the kitchen and make him a sandwich” answers that question.

    It’s OK, there are no girls on the internet, no one will be upset.

  15. What is Jake talking about? They are a financial burden right from date 1/

  16. I know exactly what the good fellow in the second post means….

    My surname Beaverlickingmilitantironpants has always ensured i get to the front of call centre queues.

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