Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dad is a Dick

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  1. Stever yaaa
    The benefits of different time zones

  2. I remember a drawing that my daughter did for her mother…. It was a big cross on a dolly. I had to destroy it though as it could’ve been used in evidence against me.

  3. What an asshole. The whole “light his cigarettes” was the kicker from haha, to what a dick.

  4. Cool that the photo description is in a text not used on Facebook. Is nothing on Lamebook authentic anymore?

  5. Am I supposed to see a dick?

  6. That coupon book ‘should of’ included coupons for grammar and punctuation classes.

  7. @throwingtofu: should HAVE, not should OF.
    Do we need to get you one of those grammar coupons?

  8. That was the joke, nomnomnom

  9. Hope he doesn’t quite his day job.

  10. Hope you don’t quit yours.

  11. Quite indeed

  12. quiet please

  13. Wow, nom. Wow.

  14. nom “should of”* gone back to school to learn about sarcasm, or crack open a Merriam Webster.

    Just so you understand, we all know the correct phrase is “should have”. Hope that made it easier to comprehend. 🙂

    The dad was definitely a dick here. I don’t know how to was dishes, but I definitely can wash some pretty well.

  15. @Keona, it “should of” made it easier for Nom to understand but I doubt it did.

  16. Nom must be Canadian. They don’t understand sarcasm.

  17. And we’re a sensitive bunch of asses too. Fuck us. Fuck us ALL!

  18. Wow, nomnom, that sarcasm went flying so far over your head I’m not even sure you could see the explosion as it crashed and burned in the distance behind you.

  19. Go kill yourself nomnom

  20. Yeah, Nom, go kill yourself! You kill yourself and you die!

  21. Don’t kill yourself, nom.

    (Sorry guys, I worry.)

  22. Going against the mob here, lametothemin

  23. This whole anti-nom thing was funnier than the post. A lot funnier.

  24. Nom= FAIL. It’s ok though, I did it the other day. At least I fessed up, maybe you should of.

  25. I know, firrip. But people actually kill themselves over stuff like this nowadays. Folks are sensitive. We don’t want that on our consciences.

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