Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not My Type

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  1. first? me?!?

  2. Why did Matt’s name change to Chris for/on his last comment??

  3. First one seems fake.

  4. And “iPhone auto correct” jokes have been done to death. Bored.

  5. Good catch, thio. I didn’t even notice that. Lamebook fail.

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    I’m guessing something got deleted by LB here…

  7. wow. quite a day at the lamebook offices! A second delete? Comments, a guy named Matt had a status update via his phone, his frined Chris commented, and instead of Matt replying back, Chris replied when it was clearly meant to be Matt. Nothing exciting, just another damn you auto correct type.

  8. So why was this one deleted? I clicked on Soupy’s link, and it’s like, yeah, and? Was it because the names don’t make sense? So Lamebook altered the post. They do that a lot of the time. We know this. Big whoop. Or was it because it wasn’t an iPhone autocorrect fail after all, and that Matt/Chris did actually chew on the teacher’s penis?

    But I must admit I’m quite curious to see the post that was deleted much earlier today. The one that everyone was so disgusted by. Anyone got anything on that one?

  9. Stephanie is a woman after my own heart. I see otherwise intelligent friends posting bastardized piffle like Queen’s all the time and am immediately reminded as to why so many people in the rest of the world think we Americans are a bunch of dolts.

    As for the Chris/Matt one, I’m guessing LB is not happy that they’ve lost such a sizable share of the ‘auto correct fail’ market to DYAC that they feel they need to fabricate their own; too bad this one wound up being an auto correct fail fail.

  10. TL;DR

  11. lamebook fucked up. Real bad. Posting submissions from fucktards on facebook who think ‘jokes’ about the Japanese disaster are funny. Lamebook’s title was the clincher though:- “Makin’ Waves”, way classy.

  12. Queen gives me faith that there will always be at least one fucking mentally challenged tit bag spunk drain in the world who can be easily tricked into grabbing her ankles.

    The censors have censored themselves?! When will this fucking madness end?

  13. @Imamofo, welcome back, did you finish of all the aboriginal kids?

  14. poobag not all of them, their pretty good at hiding.

    I’ve been on a bit of a busman’s holiday actually… I’ve just got back from sitting as a juror on a rape trial.

  15. doschoolseventeachspellinganymore

    Why do people like Queen think that writing “lik dat” is cool?
    And don’t give me this “it be my culture” crap, because that’s nonsense. Is she going to write a resume out that way? Seriously…give it up already.

  16. For the same reason I use contractions when I type – it’s how I talk. I wouldn’t write like that on a CV either because it’s not formal style – but I don’t use formal style on Facebook. Why do people like you get offended when other people have different mannerisms than you do?

  17. Dogfish, don’t be a fucking idiot. Nobody talks like this: “siccs its shuts pn n off”.

  18. @Imamofo Isn’t it a conflict of interest to sit as a juror in your own trial?

  19. Hawkbit You may call it a ‘conflict of interest’, but I call it ‘vested interest’… potato- potahto

    I was found not guilty on all charges and the short skirt wearing, teasing little spunktarget was charged with wasting police time.

  20. #18: You are so right; the only way for something to be a dialect is for it to exactly replicate a series of speech patterns. Words certainly have no semiotic meaning themselves. Thanks for pointing out that I’m a fucking idiot!

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