Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guess Who?

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  1. DUUUUUKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. and that’s not lame, most women aren’t sure who the daddy is…

  3. ^erm no, most trash isn’t sure who the father is. It is lame.

  4. I can’t get past that disaster of a status let alone the comments.

  5. check out this site where you can talk anonymously about anyone with a facebook.

  6. Did Martha miss half of her sentence?

  7. professorwiddlekins

    Wow, he’s 18 already?

  8. If I had a kid, I’d want it to be born at 4:20.

  9. Her name is Martha, people. It’s not that she’s a whore who doesn’t know which cock fertilized her egg, it’s that she has Alzheimer’s and just can’t remember.

  10. Well you have to give her points for choosing a unique name.

  11. Either there is something wrong with me, or some of the posts today just don’t make sense. What, Martha? He’s 18? 18 inches long? And like an Irish kiddo? What does that even mean? I need curly to clear this up for me.

  12. maybe martha got booty-called by a violent, alcoholic leprechaun called aiden. that would explain both the small stature and the “irish kiddo” part.

  13. Well if that’s the scenario, vincent, then I want to see the pictures she says she’s going to post soon.

  14. Umm word, I’ll go with vincent’s theory because I don’t know a shit what she’s trying to say!

  15. vindictivebitch

    I just figured it was this Martha again:

  16. Martha please keep the photos of the repulsive fat wrinkly Winston Curchill baby bastard to yourself. Nobody but you thinks he’s ‘cute’…

    On a side note please have your babybox sewn back up ASAP so I can curl another load of baby fat into you.

  17. I didn’t get past 420 because I thought it’s awesome that her baby was born at 4 20

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