Monday, January 4, 2010

Holy Shot


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  1. Meh… for some reason this doesn’t effect me one way or the other.

    Cliana is an awesome name though.

  2. LOL — let it alllllll out Diane.
    “and i deserve to be shot” — lmao

  3. Alan is a bitch!

  4. Antarctic Circle

    Cliana seems to be the single most sensible person on facebook-planet.

  5. Cliana ftw!

  6. Clicking the little box on the Facebook login page that says, “remember my password” FTW!!

  7. Top Gear is definitely more interesting

  8. The posts are crap today, back to Top Gear

  9. Nice to see Diane is handling it in a mature way..

  10. I wonder if she changed his profile picture to one of a penis?

  11. I dunno, wouldn’t Cliana done a better job of not getting involved by not posting altogether?

  12. ooooooooh! Alan is in trouble.
    Cliana is a smart girl. A rarity on facebook.

  13. Alan’s laptop is being raided for anything incriminating that can be used against him in the upcoming battle.

  14. @wordpervert the posts are crap today? We’re trying to revive the major fail/win that was posted yesterday, in Just a Little Too Much. Maybe you can help!

  15. Why do people think revenge on facebook is oh so cool. its fkcing stupid. no one cares D:

  16. Only Cliana has a name made up of the sounds her mother screamed out in delivery, marking her as being much younger than Susan and Diane. That makes it doubly funny that she is the mature one here.

  17. It’s only revenge if she changes the password.

  18. What is this strange trend that involves announcing to everyone you know that you picked a loser?

  19. I hate when people do this its so immature

  20. @aleesh87
    And cheating’s not?

  21. I kind of want to date Cliana now.

  22. can you say BUSTED!? hahahaha

  23. Nah, not the best. It happens heaps.
    Anyone else from NZ read that and laugh at the deserve to be shot bit and think of Hone Harawira?

  24. Diane you have dated your boyfriend Alan for 11 months, in that time you have raided his computer, violated his Email account, sabotaged his Facebook status. She hung around him 24/7 like a bad smell.

    If I were Alan and hadn’t been shot I would fuck someone else too,infact Alan should be the one doing the shooting, of you know what. On someones face.

  25. If diane had been with him 24/7 surely the first clue would have been watching him cheating on her or watching him type the emails rather than discovering them later down the line.

  26. damn bru, she must been a bad ride so

  27. Team Alan!

    She deserved it – if you (are willing to) break into anyone’s email, Facebook account etc. you truly deserve everything that’s coming to you.

    I hope Diane dies lonely.

  28. alan loses. for cheating, but mostly for staying logged in.

  29. i hope the girl/guy he cheated on her with is a better lover

  30. Sad really. It’s all sad when you want to kill yourself because of WOW…

  31. Feel like watching Top Gear now, with a girl.
    Dunno why they stopped airing it around here 🙁


    Oh wait, that’s Top Gun. =(


  34. Epic !

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