Monday, January 4, 2010

I Don’t Even Know Anasyomore


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  1. wait, who the hell is alex?

  2. Slut.

  3. I was wondering about the Alex thing, too. Also, once your other slutty friend says screw this amount of guys and you’re a slut, you probably shouldn’t publicly admit to having slept with more.

  4. dawnofthedeadling

    I was wondering about Alex too… LOL.

  5. “20” is “slut.” 22 is veteran.

  6. damn, I didn’t realise that the slut/no slut line was drawn at 20


  7. anasyomore? what have these people done to the english language.

  8. @ Gannet

    Ignored it almost completely, apparently.

  9. Its like Sara and Alice just rolled around on their keyboards

  10. She’s not a slut, she’s a professional.

  11. Or their cat walked accross it? Or is this lolcatz but with people?

  12. @Gannet

    I think Sara has rolled around quite a lot by the looks of it.

  13. Submitters, please find us some adults to publicly keelhaul. I feel like I’m shooting sluts in a barrel!

  14. Where were these kinds of girls when I was in high school?? LOL

  15. I was very thankful of girls like Sara when I was a teenage boy, otherwise I’d have had no action.

    Poor Sara – she can’t make up their mind whether being a slut is good or bad thing.

  16. I know Sara. She has people at school call her Alex for some reason. Hope that clears things up, at least a bit. To decipher the typos, you’re on your own.

  17. HAHA @ Mark Lee, if 22 makes you a “veteran” what does it mean when you go over that number 😉

  18. @11,

    I can has teh sexxxors?

  19. There is a chick at work, her real name is Gerda, people call her Alex. I bet she’s a massive slut too.

  20. Antarctic Circle

    If Alex is the name she uses at school, then Sara must be her “exotic” name.

  21. One is only a slut 20.

  22. Oops. If the measure of 20 is being a slut, more than that, i.e. 22 makes her a slutt. Add a “t” for each increment of 10…

  23. @plebianplatypus

    So which number out of the 22 were you?

  24. I thought Alex was be her escort name or something.

  25. @retorq
    “Where were these kinds of girls when I was in high school?? ”

    They were banging your friends.

  26. ZING!

  27. Posts like this make my eyes bleed

  28. Slutts are cool

  29. Its a Catch-“22”. Slut if you do, slut if you don’t…

  30. Does ANYONE know what the hell she meant to type when hitting anasyomore???

  31. Probably “Anymore”, but I imagine it is quite hard to type while you’re being spit roasted.


  32. If Alice’s nickname is Hoe I wonder what what Sara’s could be?

  33. Any girl who has sex outside of marriage is a slut by definition, whether she’s screwing 1 or 100.

  34. A flamebaiter named Tinderbox? I admire your subtlety.

  35. Wheew, haven’t reached the slut mark yet..that takes a load of my mind..

    *rereads the sentence and laughs*

    slut mark

  36. There is much work to be done

  37. @ApplesauceBitch

    Great now I’m getting mental images of ‘high tide’ marks

  38. I’m pretty sure she was drunk…

  39. omg 22 people.

  40. @The Doctor, s/he (could be a lesbian, we don’t know) was the one before she started rooting everything that moved, now s/he is angry because they got no action.

  41. Girls like this were born to fuck, not spell or write.

    Or talk to.

  42. @ Finn, where are you getting lesbian and possibly a boy? Clearly two girls names being used, and Alice says ‘unless you’ve fucked twenty GUYS’.

    @ Noobie, shovel, maybe?

  43. Disregard that comment, clearly I’m generally too lazy to read previous comments.

  44. This should be categorised under FTW! Anasyomore sounds like a good name for any of Sara’s children.

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