Monday, January 4, 2010

Drama Mamas




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  1. That first one is just hilarious. “Do you think about her when you fuck her? Would she give you a Beej in a movie theater? Did she ALSO give you teh herps?!???!1”

  2. wait what does the first one have to do with moms?

  3. …… doesnt……it just has to do with drama.

  4. You prolly oughta know, the first one is definitely an Alanis Morrisette lyric

  5. I bet lamebook misinterpreted the line ‘an older version of me’.

  6. People who post song lyrics as their status updates should be shot in the face.

    Also, you know what would be hilarious? If someone actually broke into Jennifer’s house and slit her mom’s throat. I bet she would just laugh and laugh. Comedy gold.

  7. I WILL say this, I blame Alanis 100% for my continual mispronounciation of ‘theatre’. I’ve said ‘thearter’ my entire life and it’s all her fault.

  8. Oh dear, @jenami “Drama Mama” doesn’t actually refer to a mama, just to someone being way-over-the-top dramatic, like.. ahem, Alanis Morrisette. (For future reference, and so you don’t get all confused for no good reason, “Drama Queen” doesn’t refer to royalty…)

  9. Jennifer needs a Bryan.

  10. slithering_foetus

    how the cunt did erica fit that much into one post? Whore.

  11. Jennifer needs her computer taken away and a good swat on the bottom.

  12. @sleuth at first i read it as mama drama, so I thought it had to do with moms. I know what drama queen means. I’m not retarded, just dyslexic.

  13. Good one Lulla! (#10) Seems there are quite a few girls out there who need to fuck their anger out. Perhaps I should put myself out there, so to speak.
    (Missed enough opportunities while I was Bryan’s age.)

  14. Dear Erica,
    Perhaps Missy realized the first step in improving her lot in life is to drop the illiterate, uneducated trailer trash (such as yourself) from her life. Please, before you publish what you “write”: consult Mr. Dictionary, learn to use punctuation, commas, and apostrophes, and learn some basic capitalization rules.
    Best of luck,
    The World

  15. So Jenna did what 98% of us females do when dumped, she listened to angry chick anything “you oughta know” by Alanis. The only thing lame here is that Steve seems shocked by Jenna’s bitterness. If he is that dense, perhaps you are better off without him Jenna.

    Jennifer – If this is your normal attitude towards your mother I am pretty sure she spends at least a minute or two each day regretting not hitting the clinic after peeing on the stick.

    Missy, this is just a guess on my part, but I think Erica is a little miffed at you.

  16. The first one could be excused, as it is the lyrics to an Alanis Morissette song.

  17. These ladies seem classy.

  18. I love how Erica only uses punctuation when it’s an exclamation point. Periods and commas get excluded

  19. sensible madness – I want to marry you for our common belief that lyric larcenists should be dispatched by a bullet to the face.

    As for Jennifer – I like to think the ‘aaarrrgggh’ is due to the expulsion of an offensively large turd.

  20. Is it too much to ask that in 2010 Erica dies in a campfire?

  21. As many have pointed out the Jenna has merley copied the words of an Alannis Morisette song into her status.

    What nobody else has picked up on is that Erica has done the same, only this time using the lyrics from the much underated ’80’s band Blancmange. This song ‘Trash Ho Bag’ enjoyed a brief stint at No36 in th UK Charts.

    Jennifer, one day I will kill your mum. Then You’ll be sorry.

  22. second one was just wow. wow. ddin’t think anyone could say that

  23. I like turtles.

  24. NooooooooooOOOOooooooo, Zombie Kid your meme is not welcome here.

  25. I want to see the 11 other comments on Jennifers status. and Jennifer please don’t but so many H’s on much and argh just because you are angry.

  26. It would appear that the burglar who was supposed to break into Jennifer’s house and murder her mum, instead broke into Erica’s house and murdered her ability to use the English language.

  27. oh_really_now_come_on

    She became a paid prostitute? Oh now that is the worst kind!

  28. I’m sure she feels just fine Erica. How about you? How do you feel now that you’ve made a total fool of yourself? How do you feel now that we are all laughing at your stupidity?

    I hope someone breaks into Jennifer’s house tonight and slits her damn throat! What a horrible thing to say about your own mother. Especially when you live with her.

    Jenna, Jenna, Jenna, do you not know anything? Why would you give Steve (if that is the subject of your pain) and his new woman the satisfaction?! Now you look like even more of a fool.

  29. Zombie Kid!!

  30. Is it me, or is every single Jennifer on Facebook a complete nutcase?

  31. are we entirely sure its not the same Jennifer over and over again?

  32. I’m a Jennifer on Facebook and I can guarantee that we’re not all nutcases! Thankfully some of us even understand basic rules of grammar and punctuation.

    That being said, the throat-slitting Jennifer above is definitely a nutcase.

  33. Who added Jennifer?
    Hvorfor skriver hun på engelsk, når hun er dansk?

  34. I like Jenna’s style. Morisette is the shit. Great break up music.

    Jennifer however is a little twisted. No matter how pissed one might get-who the fuck talks about murder?

    @ RubyPuppateaux LMFAO

  35. My heart is a little lighter after experiencing the richness of humanity right here in this place.

  36. #32 No, she is Norweigian.

  37. mmm loser twinkies

  38. What were the other 11 comments? I need to know

  39. #33, maybe because she can 😉 It’s not the first English status I’ve seen by a non-native speaker of English. And who knows if Jennifer even is a native speaker.
    Hon borde ha skrivit på danska, om hon hade gjort det kanske texten inte ha hamnat i Lamebook 😛

  40. The first one is a lyric, you really ought to research this stuff.

    The second one doesn’t deserve a mother. What an absolute waste of fucking space, the un-appreciative cow.

    Couldn’t even be bothered to read the third.

  41. I wonder: Do these people ever get to see their stuff posted on this site and most importantly if yes, how does it make them feel getting shitted by everyone in here.

  42. @kigo
    look at the previous thread …if you dont mind spendin a bit of time reading all the comments…was prettyy amazingg

  43. @PaulD

    Were some of the comments removed? Because none of it makes sense to me.

  44. Oh and it seems that the name of the girl cannot be used at all, because my prevoious message containing the name S***a is awaiting moderation….

  45. ok ive been waiting a day for my post to be moderated and its still “awaiting moderation” so im gonna try re-post without anything they might need to check…

    i said:
    yes @kateisgr3at lamebook deleted the original thread called: give her some credit,we did our best to recover everything in the: just a little too much thread where lamebook continued to delete some of our comments.We managed to find a cache file of the original thread ( ) but it didnt show all the comments after no.70 including when one of the girls in the thread came and started losing it with all of us..pretty hilarious.Hope that makes a bit of sense ha.

  46. also @Kigo, yea we cant say her name because then it will have to await moderation

  47. Few months ago there was a different case were people started to make racist comments in LB. There was no moderation going on then and everyone could comment by using any nick. People were asking for moderation because that chaos in LB was just too much. Now this. A nice example of how something is neither just good or just bad.

  48. If this comment thread were on Facebook, I’d submit it to Lamebook.

  49. Don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet but the first one shouldn’t be on here – it is lyrics to the song ‘You Oughta Know’ by Alanis Morissette

  50. Um, duh?

    Actually, there was a girl that sent those lyrics to me when I was a freshman in high school and I thought it was immature then. This is awesome.

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