Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Reason to Keep Parents Off




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  1. lostintranslation

    Pregnant and getting drunk? That’s so classy, Letty!

  2. I get the feeling Letty isn’t going to keep it, unless she’s just a trash bag whore. Probably only 15.

    And whytf do 140 people like the first one?? It’s pump

  3. i call fake for the first one- 140 people like this within 20 minutes of her posting?!

    unless of course she’s a facebook whore as well as an incestual pervert.

  4. Antarctic Circle

    Even if it was my last dollar, I’d still use it to buy Laura’s dad a beer.

  5. Laura dear, this is why you should log off from fb.

  6. platypus maximus

    Wow! “Clean his shop then wash his gourd”?

  7. Why is there an apostrophe in the title of this post?

    Lamebook fail.

  8. come on in jess…while your at it – wanna tickle your dad’s balls while he fires a load into your mom?

  9. Why does Jessica want to watch her dad curl one into her mum whilst he hangs out the back of her?

    Why does Lauras’ Dad want his gourds cleaning? Is this some teribble euphemism for his gonads?

    Letty sounds like a fun girl who i’d like to ball. I do feel sorry for her melon headed freakish off spring though.

  10. The best thing here is that Letty says ”pregnant again.” like a slutty baby farm.

  11. Ugh. That unnecessary apostrophe on “parents” is really disturbing me. It’s too early in the morning for apostrophe assault. Please, Lamebook. No.

  12. Imamofo’s not making it any better with “Lauras’ Dad.” And then there’s “teribble.” STOP IT JUST STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT. GO AWAY YOU MAKE ME FREAK OUT.

  13. She is neither sociable or tolerant she is in fact angry,armless and a frequent FLYer

  14. lostintranslation

    @europe_rocks: I’m so happy I saw your last post before it was unceremoniously removed–it provided much-needed entertainment on an otherwise boring day, so thank you!

  15. Oh, they removed it. This makes me giggle.
    And you’re welcome, lostintranslation.

  16. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    Jessica: “Laugh at my joke! I’m hilarious.”

    Laura’s reply confuses me. She didn’t deny writing the status. Her dad is a sicko who punishes Laura for using his computer by posting incestual status updates on her FB. The power of suggestion, maybe?

  17. the Laura one isnt about her wanting to jump her dad. It sounded more like he figured out her password and she noticed because she hadnt left her facebook signed on her computer. he signed in and made a comment on a bunch of things and chores as her making it sound like she would enjoy doing these things for her.

  18. sorry i made a mistake- she hadnt left her facebook signed into HIS computer like she had maybe done in the past…… making it sound like she would enjoy doing these things for HIM

  19. Jessica is sicker than the child than Letty’s unborn child who will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome

  20. Jessica’s response made me laugh, i don’t know why everyone thinks it’s so sick. Obviously she’s not serious.

  21. first one was the best hahahah

  22. wow mother of the year strikes again.

  23. with a name like Letty…

  24. brunetedisastr, I very much appreciate how you POINTED OUT THE PUNCHLINE FOR US ALL. What would we have done without you? GET OUT!!!! GET OUT GET OUT!

  25. spinach dip, if you read a couple of the comments before that, some didn’t get it. brunetedisastr was just clarifying. what’s so wrong with that? lower your caps and calm down

  26. Perhaps Letty had already visited Family Planning by the 19th and was looking forward to getting shit-faced to celebrate?

  27. Laura’s dad has the hots for her.

    And Letty must have hit up plan B the next day. Damn, It didn’t take her out too.

  28. You guys will take great leaps of the imagination to believe that something seriously perverted is going on. My take was that Laura’a dad is a barber or something to that effect. “Washing gourds” (ie, washing people’s heads) sounds like something my own dad would say. That plus, “clean his shop” (the barbershop). Either that or he sells pumpkins……

  29. Yeah it was 9 days since she announced her pregnancy, maybe she had a miscarriage or a ‘procedure’ anna was the one who caught my eye… yeah being a mom sucks sure and I definitely think things like that at times because I’m a really good person, but I would never ever post it to someone on fb in caps…

  30. RE: Letty- So have you never heard of a shit baby? She’s shit pregnant…She’s feeling sick because she needs to take a massive dump.

  31. Goddamn. Jessica’s post made me laugh so hard I cried. Then I saw how many people “liked it”

    and fell off my chair.

  32. Who the fuck even washes a gourd? You open it up and do one of the following:

    Make food out of it, which I do not recommend, or
    Make a birdhouse.

  33. Jessica’s clearly has 2 blurred names, her second followed by the name of the person this incident was about (not herself 3,8,9,16 and 19.) She clearly saw the amusement of her friend/relative’s behaviour and so did the 140 friends who liked it – and so did I.

  34. @33 it could be just her first middle and last name like i have on my facebook. either way it sucks for whoever went through that D:

  35. i know the first girl, i remember her posting it too

    @britgirl she has a first name, a second name, and a third name registered on faceboook. She posts weird stuff all the time though, like just before she said she got turkey slapped by a prawn and uploaded a photo :S
    i don’t remember there being 140 likes though !

  36. lol @ washing gourds

  37. Jessica needs to join. My daddy taught me a lot about sex while joining. He taught me how to fist his poopie hole while pooey wet juice leeked down my face!

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