Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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  1. This comment thread is a joke.

  2. La Senza is actually a Canadian lingerie brand.

    Monkey NutZ: I wouldn’t put too much stock in working at a shitty lingerie store, I’ve had different employees of that store tell me I wear a variety of bra sizes. Considering yourself a bra specialist while working at La Senza is like Subway employees calling themselves sandwich artists.

  3. I love this-the comments are funnier/lamer than the original post.
    Women don’t have penises,so we have fights over who’s the smallest dress size with the biggest tits.
    *Falls over frontward*

  4. lol at 103. Maybe you’re right.

  5. On the subject of men making women feel inadequate because they don’t have large boobs: don’t hate us. We are naturally programmed to be interested in large boobs. In all other mammals, the female’s mammaries become enlarged only at certain times to signal to the males that they are willing to mate. Humans are the only mammals whose mammaries are always the same size, indicating that they can mate at any time.

  6. I dunno,nimmy,that’s my theory,anyway!

  7. @Umm…Yeah…

  8. comments really have taken a turn for the worse in about a span of a week.. shame

  9. @ foolishwolf

    Apparently people would rather talk about bras and boobs and shitting in the shower, rather then the important things.

    I miss flexo, at least he would get a laugh out of me occasionally.

  10. Vile. I am absolutely convinced that 90% of the world’s population is seriously fucked in the head and only just barely evolved from apes.

  11. Holy shit.. this was a fairly amusing post from Lamebook and you’ve all ruined it with your incessant girl talk. Can we take the bra size discussion somewhere else, please? I’m thoroughly embarrassed for all of you. I’m also embarrassed that I skimmed most of this thread. Fuck. I’m outta here.

    Oh Lamebook, you used to be fun…..

  12. @ Mittens

    I will let you know when the morons leave so we can all get back to some intelligent commenting.

  13. I agree mittens. I’ve also come to the conclusion that ‘flexo’ is a kid somewhere living off his parents, because he sure seems to be on the internet 24/7 keeping up with the posts for the past week or two. It got tiring just reading this crap after 1 minute, I can’t imagine posting it and reading all the responses to come up with more responses ALL GOD DAMN DAY.

  14. zoned you asshole, i am in mexico retart. i never post at night either asshole. i only post 5 days a week, 8-5. the rest are people cloning me asshole.

  15. If you google “sexy redbone bitch” you might find out what this skank does for a living.

  16. Yeah take that, flexo.

  17. 8-5 works. I still think we should get married. Are you still interested in my pedophile tricks?

  18. I’ll show you some things the bitch in the pictures probably ain’t even heard of.

  19. Damn Zoned, that’s quite a claim. That bitch looks like she’s heard of just about everything.

  20. Well mittens, she’s quite the charmer, but flexo is my favorite butt slave. 8-5 is the only time during the day in which I currently allow him to use the internet. Perhaps that will change as we get to know eachother more, but I see he has caused quite a problem on here, so I can assure you that will be dealt with tonight.

  21. No I think that’s just what flexo needs, Zoned. It’s about time he was put in his place. That should be more effective than all these idiots going, “Hey ‘retart’ isn’t a word silly!! omgg!”

  22. insert clever name here

    @111 Thank you.

    Will all you dizzy cunts shut up about your tits?

  23. I see my ways with him have given him quite the fowl mouth. Well again, that mouth will be taken care of tonight.

  24. *foul

  25. No I believe you’re mistaking your dad for me. He sold you to me a few years ago, remember? I’m your daddy baby.

  26. @115

    Cool story bro!

  27. *douchebag

    flexo does not win

  28. zoned is my hero.

  29. bitch probably doesn’t even know who the father of her kid is. outside of the fact that he wasn’t white so that narrows it down, but not by much.

  30. Hahaha well that was entertaining. I figured if I pulled that on him he’d start the homo stuff and then start impersonating me, even though my posts were much more obviously…myself, not him. That was fun though. Oh, and for the record, I’m a female, so I’m really not a weird future pedophile or anything. I just have an sense of humor when it comes to messing with people like that, and brians 😉

  31. God damnit, *a* sense of humor.

  32. Lol Kaoss.

    Why are you so angry?

  33. Just to clear stuff up, because I haven’t been online since I last posted, and I caused a bit of a discussion!!

    @60. Monkey Nuts – Yes, everyone is different, but I struggle to get into a size 10 sometimes, and your 36FF breasts are much larger than my 30Gs!

    @71. Sam – Yes, I’m in the UK.
    @85. Sam – It’s not as rare as you think here in the UK – just becasue they are rare (and bras are hard to find), doesn’t mean my 30 back/band size doesn’t exist. Also, I used that site you linked to, and even though I said I have 30 inch backsize (which I do, and I wear 30backsize bras), it told me I’m a 34!

    @75. 90. Mecure – Thank you! You made me laugh so much! ‘very generous size 10, verging on a size 16’ – exactly my thoughts!

    @91Skeek0919 – We sound very similar 🙂 Thanks for reiterating what I wanted to.

    @100. Shut up. Probably true, but still 😉

    And now I’ve said my piece, I’ll go.
    The woman in this picture is a douche.

  34. Yeah, I agree that all these chicks need to STFU about bewbs.
    I will congratulate anna on being the only one not to claim to have fucking enormously unproportional breasts. Considering average is C, it amuses me that EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU who seems obsessed with bragging about your tits seems to be skinny with massive ones. Please. get. over. yourselves. Jesus fucking christ.

  35. @Leverhundar

    I applaud girls who talk about their melons, whatever size they are. We should be encouraging them, not stopping them. It is sure as hell much better than them banging on about shopping, shoes or periods (eurgh. Sorry ladies, I love you all, but I don’t need to know about time-of-the-month things).

    You may have noticed that when blokes talk about their nobs, they all claim to be as big as a baby’s arm, etc.

    We’re not so different…

  36. Mercure, You make a very good point.
    Though, if I had my shlong out next to a babys arm, even for comparisons sake, I’d want to be chopping it off within a matter of seconds. xD

  37. Oh, not the arm, the dick. ha!

  38. 😀

  39. damn them are some tatties!!

  40. Nothing quite like a huge set of heaving knockers below a picture of your daughter. Class act.

  41. What the fuck is a redbone bitch??! :S
    And those are some seriously lumpy tittays.
    All in all, I think the worst part is that her toddler is clearly learning it all from her – anyone else notice the coy little headtilt going on there already?

  42. Idiot Police – I like the name, do me a favour and put some more chlorine into the gene pool, please, it’ll make your job easier

  43. “I LIKE BOOBIES”!!!!

  44. Aaaw, is that the cute little girl that grew up to be a Facebook whore with daddy issues? So adorable!

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