Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just … Gross





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  1. Hey Flexo – might want to spell check for typos when telling someone they belong on the short bus.

  2. I feel like Flexo is going for some odd brand of humour where he uses the very thing he is making complaints about in order to show how annoying the typos are. That said, I am not a fan.

    Flexo, these posts are not about you. They are here to entertain me till lunch time rolls around.

  3. I know you can’t find the bus stop Flexo but you need to stop blaming other people. You can’t work towards a solution until you’ve recognized the problem.

  4. Mah, shut up you cumbucket whore. I bet you are canadian too aren’t you. Canadians are the worst and should be wiped off the planet.

  5. I like it in the bum

  6. I like massive donkey dick in my ass ;D

  7. wow you guys are retarted.

  8. Fran & Monica; get with the times. Where have you been for the past 100 Lamebook posts?

    flexo, I’m beginnning to hate you less. I’d love it if you called me an asshole. Btw, it’s spelled PETARD you silly boy.

    mcowles…you have come to the same conclusions as me – that flexo made a fool out of himself a few posts back, saw what a commotion it caused and fed off it. Each time yet another person tried correcting him, the more he wanted to do it, like an addiction. We should try to be supportive no matter how bad he gets, as we only truly have ourselves to blame.

    Regarding the posts…Angela needs to get a grip. My guess is lesbiman. Please note; that is not an attack on lesbians. It is simply my assumption that this woman is obviously quite manly – talking about farting and football – and as such is likely to be a manly lesbian.

    Nate’s post unfortunately brought an imagination of smells to my nose. I’m gonna go be sick now.

  9. so all you have to do is type someones name and you can then post under it? this is pretty stupid.

  10. Yucks

  11. Yeah, this is the real Chazz. This flexo guy is some fatass who sits in his moms basement. I bet he is playing WoW 24/7 and just comes on here for a break every few minutes. Just ignore the douche bag.

  12. Hmm..we’ve had statuses about Baby crap, Adult crap, cat & dog crap, Baby puke, adult puke, cat & dog puke; we’ve discussed farting, burping, eating placentas, periods, tampons, and taking dumps while FB’ing. I am now anxiously awaiting a status that is about an enema, and how great it feels to give yourself one as you update your FB status. Someone, please find it! I know it’s out there somewhere….

  13. CHAZZ, why are you hating on canadians. uncalled for.

  14. @ sloppyfirsts,

    I wasn’t. Go look at the 3 under that comment, all cloned. I love Canadians 🙂

  15. Canadians…hmm…why would hating them be uncalled for?

  16. I can’t believe you morons keep falling for flexo the troll from under the bridge. Just ignore this insignificant cunt so he goes away.

  17. Flexo is my idol

  18. @CHAZZ, my bad. haha 🙂

  19. I kind of like Flexo. You guys all make fun of ANY grammar error you see and you rip the person apart and practically throw dictionaries in their face as if they were in an English class. In all honesty, why does it matter so much anyhow?

  20. Flexo, go suck a dick. You 12 year old attention-seeking whore…. fuck you.

  21. I dont get why you guys hate me. it is a little retarted tbh. i just came here and commented on some guy who doesnt know how to spell brains, he spelt it brians. i am sorry you assholes have to be the biggest assholes in this asshole world assholes. one more time………assholes.

  22. lol @ Anti Flexo.

    I would not have come into this comment thread had it not been for your comment. Mainly because you are so emotionally invested in this anonymous online argument, that you are reverting to name calling and weak “fuck you” commentary.

    I’m excited to see where things go from here.

  23. I love Flexo, ‘king of assholes’

  24. @ MJK
    Sheeeeet son you have issues

  25. insert clever name here

    @59 – Shut the fuck up. No one cares.

  26. its ok flexo. we enjoy listening to you retart brians leaking throughout this asshole forum, you asshole

  27. Lol flexo you make me laugh, you cannot spell. And get the hell over yourself. Seriously check the dictionary for “retard” – retart is not a word. And as for your spelling of the word which should be spelt “douchebag” you are also wrong. Dooshbag is a freaking word. Now get the hell over it. Do you have no life

  28. Retart retart retart

  29. Flexo loves assholes, but I love his sweet one more. Stop mouthing off flexo or I’ll have to tie you up tonight.

  30. mmm a cream filled big mac! 😛

  31. Angela: “Hey everybody, look what a cool non-uptight chick I am because I’m totally open about my bodily functions and I like football!”

  32. I love Flexo, he helps identity the dooshbag n00bs who are sad/pretentious/anal enough to get hung up on ppl’s every single little spelling mistake or typo, rather than focus on the actual content. Hairy ratcoon retarts.

  33. I wonder what a first date is like with Angela.

  34. Flexo is such a Paulbag

    Something tells me Angela’s got a sick fetish.

  35. I love flexo.

  36. ewww … Angela makes me queezy :s

  37. mr haiku i love you

    number ten gets clean: a frail euphamism. just say “masturbate”!

  38. Farting and masturbating at the same time?! I would have to see that.

  39. Classy!

  40. You know, just the other day I had asked myself, “Gee, I wonder what life would be like if everyone had thought bubbles.” Now, thanks to Angela and her unholy status updates, I never want to know what people are really thinking ever, ever again.

  41. @89: Just be careful with that. I tried it once. Never again. The fail almost cost me the session and my bed sheets 🙁

  42. TeHe..it’s funny ’cause it’s true…

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