Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little TMI

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  1. anything that bleeds for 5 days a month is made from evil… thats how i see it anyways. ONE PUBE PIZZA COMING RIGHT UP.. on your face?

  2. @littlecooker

    Haha! Oops! You’re right, my mistake!

    But only three of them were nasty. The last one was just lame! 😀

  3. @eenerbl – *chuckles* well, I was going to suggest the ceiling instead of the wall, but that might be a bit difficult to lick unless he got a step-ladder, and I honestly can’t see this doofus being that organised.

    But aren’t you glad I didn’t add his eyeball to the list? Think of the horrors that this image conjures up LOL.

  4. txikiwi

    No, But I was figuring someone might ask me that.

  5. Hehehehe.

  6. Maybe Luke meant that the texture of his love juice was somewhat equivalent that of brie, I guess it is called “dick cheese” for a reason! Thank God that Madison is not pregnant!

  7. @sideways: you are way to imaginative, and this whole situations is freaking me out. I’ll never be able to look at the stained wall, a man’s hands or a blow-up doll for that matter and not go “humm, I wonder..”

  8. Not much on here makes me literally lol, but I could not stop laughing at Morgan…Jesus Christ, who would admit that someone actually faked their death to get away from you?

  9. Wwweeeeeeeee

  10. dirtylittlepretty

    i know actual pineapple works..never heard about the juice, but im sure it would too.

    what the hell was justin looking under his pepperoni for??

    next thing Madison will be pregnant and posting ‘well at least i wont be bleeding out my cooch for 9 months!’

  11. clever user name here

    Nipplecheese, you can TOTALLY change the taste of a guy’s semen! And yes, pineapple juice does help. I once dated a body builder whose protein shakes made his jizz taste absolutely DISGUSTING. He didn’t believe me till I made him try it for himself, heh. He drank pineapple juice for a couple of days, and it made a world of difference, heh.

  12. I can see how pineapple could change the taste of jizz…
    I can make my cooterjuice taste & smell like onion if I eat onions… Vidalias are my fave…

  13. If Morgan is being serious… Wow. o__o

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