Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let it All Out

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  1. Ben – d over

  2. Haha! That first one made me laugh. That’s why you should never send out emails to groups of people. There is always someone who doesn’t get it!

    Something about the second one tells me these two actually hate eachother, or they do now!

    And number 3, wow! No one is ever going to sleep with Nathan again. Is there even a cure for chlamydia? Ewwww.

  3. Oh good, another self-submitted private message. We’re on a roll.

  4. Chlamydia is easy to treat, but often goes undiagnosed as it’s asymptomatic. Untreated chlamydia causes fertility problems for females in their future.

    So girls, use condoms, but if you’re being naughty like most people are by not using them, get yourselves checked regularly.

  5. Nathan, you’ve clearly never been ‘finking’ anything.

  6. Was bored, therefore I preached.

  7. Thanks for the PSA, word!

    @Douchetastic. The person who submitted it was Wrion, and all he said was, “:-D” I don’t think that’s on the same level as lameness as other self submitted private messages. But my lameness meter could be off…

  8. I’ll take it when you say PSA you mean public service announcement and not prostate-specific antigen, GrahamDunk.

    But while on the subject of prostates, all you boys ensure as you get into your later 30’s you have regular PSA testing. Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer in women.

  9. Oh ok. You’re right, it’s not the same level of lameness, but it’s still really shitty lame to submit a private message.

  10. I’ll stop preaching, but stay bored.

  11. Wrion? Is it pronounced “Ryan?”

  12. I love you condom! Thank you for all you have done for me, keeping me safe from those pesky STDs.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Word, when I saw PSA my mind jumped to the serum too. Is it safe to assume that you are a nurse or is that nurse uniform in you closet just for show? You know the one I mean, the one next to your surprisingly short school uniform and your also surprisingly short maid uniform.

  14. Dukey, last I knew word had my maid uniform in her closet. We like to swap clothes sometimes. Ya know how it goes.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Nathan’s post about chlamydia sounds like a great way to break bad news to someone “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, Grandpa just died”
    I’m bored.

  16. Buns, I do have all the uniforms you mention hanging in the wardrobe.

    The nurse one is for realz, though. It’s not as exciting as you think. I wear top-to-toe navy. The good old days of short white uniforms for nurses are unfortunately for you guys, long gone.

    But they can be purchased at any good sex toy party at a reasonable price.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @eenerbl So what else do you guys share?

  18. I’ll let word field that one for ya, Dukey.

  19. I promise to get that one back to you, ee, but I’d like to keep it for the weekend if that’s ok with you, girlfriend.

  20. And ee, I hope you’ve enjoyed good times with the cop uniform I loaned you. It’s always been good to me.

    Buns, I’m not drunk enough to share our sharing stories with you. Maybe later.

  21. Thanks word, I’ll be needing that soon. I have a ‘dusting’ convention I need to attend.

    Ahh, yes the cop uniform. I remember now. Well, it needs to go to the dry cleaner, seems I got something on it.

  22. I have a 3 drink maximum before starting work, but I have no ceiling on pills.

  23. Don’t bother with the cleaners, ee. Send it back to me in its current condition. You know how I love all things shared.

  24. Alright word, I’ll ship it out ASAP. I’ll even put a little something extra special in the box just for you.

  25. I love extra-special boxes.

  26. Yeah, the girl Nathan met in the street may be a skank, but he’s just as bad. Wrap it up. Or deal with your knob-rot.

  27. I’d just wrap you girls up in a big ol’ ribbon like a birthday present all for myself. I just love tearing into presents.

  28. Dang! Why don’t skanks come up to me in the street and throw their hot young bodies at me? All they throw is bottles at me lol

  29. CommentsAtLarge

    I need your help Officer EE; I caught my maid wordyperv performing unspeakable acts in my home. I think we need to schedule a meeting to discuss possible charges. SO you can get the full picture, we can re-create the aforementioned acts – all in the name of justice, of course. You would have to help in most of them, for accuracy’s sake that is…

  30. I’m all for re-creation, Comments, but must leave you now, my love, as funnily enough, prostates are waiting for me.

  31. What herbs does Christopher have that helps with PMS? Must be pot .. I am going to start offering it to skanks in the street and see if I become more Nathan-like.

    ee and word … always a pleasure to ‘read’ you.

  32. lol Comments, I can’t argue justice.

  33. CommentsAtLarge


  34. Why does Nicole has to put the word herpes between ” “? Is she a moron?

  35. @Bone I think she’s being snotty to Amanda for posting about her “downstairs” issue.

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