Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Bright Bunch

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  1. Hobo!

  2. That will be all.

  3. Christ on a fucking bike, these are shit.

  4. /facepalm

  5. dirtylittlepretty

    in all honesty..I’d buy a second clit for 60 bucks…seems a good price for an extremely fun time.

  6. Oh, Travis. Football clits? We call them cheerleaders now.

  7. Hobo!

  8. A blessing from mohammad jihad!

  9. These suck.

  10. I go to Bath Spa. What I don’t understand how University is spelt wrong, considering that it’s spelt on the sign thingy…

  11. Is the first one supposed to say autocorrect? At least the iPhone made sure the “p” in iPhone was capitalized, as did the iPad I’m using right now.

  12. Well I understand that it was just a mishap and someone overlooked it. But what i find funny is the person trying to correct the other and screwing up even more!

    + can someone explain #1 i dont understand the words

  13. Thank god for iPhone autocorrect it’s a life saver at ($?)1.30!

  14. why must americans make everything sound so gay?

  15. #2- I love how University is spelled correctly at the top of the picture and Belinda STILL manages to get it wrong. HA!

  16. Thx you dirty Hobo!

  17. So not only is the person that wrote the paper sign in #2 too stupid to look up and see the correct spelling, but Belinda is too. I fear for the future of human kind.

  18. i’m not sure why you would want used clits

  19. @greenstrings

    cool story, bro!

  20. I simply can’t believe the rest of you are uninterested in Travis’s quest for extra clits.

    I’ve known men who never could find a single one.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ Miss Shegas, me too.

  22. Me three, Miss.

  23. I’m always on the search.

  24. @Shegas

    personally I’m flabbergasted that people can’t find them, pretty much the one hard thing in a bed of soft

  25. MsBuzzkillington

    The clit one made me laugh. I need some football clits.

    Also, if she thinks it’s spelled UniverCITY then she doesn’t realize that the correct spelling is up above. She probably thinks that is wrong too.

  26. I’m pretty sure Belinda is joking. I know a lot of people from Bath and a lot of them like that odd type of humour.

  27. Clearly, the sign was written by a Bristol Rovers supporter who couldn’t find his autocoertcing pen.

  28. Hey Travis, I got a guy in the Sudan who can get all the clits you want.

  29. BeautifullyDizzy

    I’m giving Belinda the benefit of the doubt here, maybe she thought she was being punny, as bath is a city in Britain.
    It’s still lame, though.

  30. I think I love you, Soup.

  31. So if Travis thinks that clits are cleats, does that mean he thinks cleats are clits? Hey Travis, Lick my cleat!

  32. @BeautifullyDizzy, she’s not being punny, she’s being thick. can you imagine the joke? “aha! Bath Spa university in Bath! You mean Bath Spa UniverCITY! aha!”. no. just no.

  33. I think the first one is a joke though… you know, since iPhone is always swapping your words for what it thinks is right, with ridiculous results. I don’t know, maybe I’m just desperate to find other intelligent life.

  34. Predictive text is for aunts.

  35. Also, for those of you still confused as to what “cleats” are, they’re studs for football boots.

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