Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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  1. Yawn

  2. Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones!!!

  3. Revolutionary… Road?

    Jesus, what a terrible, terrible book.

  4. I like Cheryl.

  5. :/

  6. powerstanceyall

    none of these are remotely funny.

  7. The funniest part of this whole page, is the ad of the dog and who I think is Snoop. That pic made me laugh!

  8. morninghasbroken

    Waiting for the funny…

  9. Meh.

  10. …the ad of the dog and who I think is Snoop?!

    Stephan are you on drugs? I see no dog, I deffo see no Snoop Doggy Dog nor the actual Snoop Dog!

    But yeah the best/worst (you chose) thing about this is Stephan’s drug abused imagination going wild on the general pubic…


  12. I can’t believe they ruined Inception for me!

  13. Haha Cheryl FTW!

    I can just imagine this being posted on my Gf’s page as we speak.

    If only she knew anything about star craft like her

  14. Wow, I don’t get cheryl’s at all, and I played starcraft in the past!

  15. You will understand with StarCraft 2, all the knew characters and storyline

  16. these fail worse than my fringe.

  17. Don’t get the last one and all boring anyway.

  18. Grammar, they’re all Leonardo De(di?)Caprio movies. Dull, I know.

    In a way, Justin Bieber IS like the new Michael Jackson. Remember back when people would continue to spout shitty, tired, repetitive, unfunny (see: this Lamebook post) jokes about MJ being a paedophile (something that dullards apparently still are doing to this day, well done Aaron, you imaginative little cnut)? Compare that to all the hideously boring ‘Justin Bieber sounds like a girl’ jokes, and thar she blows (what the fuck?), it’s like Jacko all over again.


  19. *Twats.

  20. British, did you get nothing from the Harrison Ford reference? That’s the only one that I got a giggle out of!

  21. eenerbl speaks the truth

  22. MsBuzzkillington

    I feel like this is a safe place. No one I know personally know it’s me posting, so I feel like I can be honest.

    I did not like Inception. I was so bored the entire time.

  23. bettycomesearly

    i like fried rice.

  24. calvinandhobbes

    I guess I joined lamebook right when it went was dying.

  25. calvinandhobbes

    strike “went”….dammit

  26. @Buzzkillington: Eh, I see your point. I thought it was really good and I’m going to see it again because my SO really wants to, but if you don’t feel drawn into the action, it can get old and very, very boring fast. Also, Leo DiCaprio’s character was ANNOYING. I wanted to punch him. I don’t even remember his freaking name.

  27. @Buzzkillington: I too don’t understand the hype behind Inception. I mean don’t get me wrong it was a good movie, but it wasn’t as mind blowing as people are making it out to be. I heard a few people actually say it was the best movie they ever saw…But then again what do I know I thought hot tub time machine was awesome!

  28. I am also a Starcraft 2 widow. Cheryl is my hero, because I don’t care enough to even know the new characters or storyline.

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