Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Favors

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  1. fake!

  2. oh i forgot! ben?!! stever?!!! or whatever the new name is!!!

  3. benface

  4. Poor Aunt Jo.

  5. Michael is a little shit!

  6. Elderly relatives are fun.

  7. “Study hard, I think I’m coming down with something”??? Is that some type of incestual code?

  8. So staged.

  9. Walter, you have my mind reeling with what-ifs!

  10. That’s not clever or funny michael, nor it submitting it yourself.

  11. “I hope I’m not putting this on your wall…” Yeah, fake.

  12. @just_another_asian….
    Of course its a fake and a really lame one at that. That is why it is on lamebook!

    And Michael seems to like answering questions…. I have a lot of disturbing questions about many of the subjects he listed.

    On another slightly disturbing note i think alordlums may be my runaway father and Walter Sobchak is my long lost pet Lambert!

  13. More importantly than it being staged etc. is what is this “Pornhub” and is it real? Because I don’t think it’s possible that there exists a porn site with which I am unfamiliar.

  14. Paranoid Android

    Not even worthy of a ‘lol?’

  15. I AM your long lost pet Lambert!! Why the fuck haven’t you been looking for me you self-centred gimp?!

  16. Michael is a prick. Even more so, since it was him who sent this to Lamebook. Michael; FAIL!

  17. The lamest thing about this is Michael. Might be the most non-funny post on lamebook yet.

  18. Awwwww poor Lambert….. well daddy alordslums did many disturbing acts to you… acts which i can’t describe in words.. only in actions (does a rather sexy vulgar thrust action)

    You called me a gimp!! :((
    Well i do resemble daddy a bit!! I thought you never come back even if i did look. ;P

  19. I liked that you dumb shit. You were the one who pretended you didn’t like it when it was your turn, with your damn whimpering all night afterwards. I can see right through your lies. You wanted that cock all to yourself!

  20. calvinandhobbes

    haha “piece of filth” and “pornhub” made me laugh.

  21. its fake, and even if its not its entirely unfunny! lamebook is getting more and more lame (not in a good way)

  22. Fuck me…no wait a minute that was wrong… yes that’s it, fuck you!!! Ah whatever I don’t mind I kinda like it both ways!

    Hey my lies got you what you wanted every night so don’t complain you furry pimp!

  23. Yes Walter there is something called and it is free.

  24. Submitting your own messages is more lame than this post.


  25. You have some nerve. Firstly, I got what what I wanted every third or fourth night, if I was lucky, because you always hogged daddy to yourself with your tight little man-gina.

    Then after I went for a little stroll one day and this smelly lady picked me up you didn’t even care to put up one missing pet poster! You shameless, unrepentant pig!

  26. HAHAHA

  27. YAWN! 🙂

  28. morninghasbroken

    Firstly, FAKE.
    Secondly, even if this wasn’t, meh at best.
    Finally, the worst part is he sent his own message because he thinks it’s funny. -.-

  29. Lame and unfunny as it is on it’s own, the fact it’s clearly just a self-submit makes this one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen on this website.

    Sorry Michael, I know you were expecting everyone to marvel at your comic genius, but, well… you’re kinda a rude little shit.

  30. Why you ittle…. you think I didn’t notice all them times he sneaked into the room while I sleeping (whimpering as you rightly put it) and rode you all night!!

    damn right I didn’t make wanted pet posters I was damn right jealous of you.
    I hope the old woman raped you..

    I love you Lambert.

  31. I thought it was funny, so sue me.

    I liked her unrelated ps sentiments

  32. what a dick.

  33. i yawned.

  34. What kind of dick submits private messages?

  35. Actually, scratch that. Michael proved himself a dick in so many ways, with this obviously set up exchange and submitting it. My question should be: What kind of dick website sets a standard for posting private messages?

  36. If Michael was a superhero, he’d definitely be Super Douche, with the power to make completely unfunny jokes and generally live up to his name.

    Look out! Here comes SUPER DOUCHE!

  37. Michael is a dick.

  38. ehhh…

  39. Pornhub is the greatest, but I thought it was just videos.

    As for Michael. You need a golden star. You are the Lame in Lamebook. That’s just sad, not funny.

  40. yeah, michael is a… erm….total….uhhh..

    Fuck this, im going to Pornhub.

  41. pornhub


  42. This is fake and stupid.

  43. Michael’s mom must be a computer; he’s going to ask her to be more “discrete”!

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