Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding out Through FB

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  1. ben there, got first

  2. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    I miss Gabe.

  3. The Salmon Mousse

    Ben the 3rd?

  4. Way to go, Dan. Most women are really attracted to the whiny desperate stalker type; she’ll dump her boyfriend to be with you for sure now!

  5. redhotsgtpeppers

    Why does everyone say “Ben” as their first comment?

  6. redhotsgtpeppers

    (I’ve noticed this on other entries)

  7. sgtpepper – if you stop and think about how many times someone has posted ‘ben’ – then further calculate how many people, relatively new to this site, have asked for an explanation, then even if you are not particularly mathematically inclined i’m sure you’d be able to hazard a guess that the answer is somewhere in the region of 3 to 4 figures.

    please spare someone the oenrous task of a repeat explanation. it’s not that interesting. if you’re really that bothered, go and trawl through the archives. you could even make an indiana jones – style adventure out of it perhaps?

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I miss Ben.

  9. though not with us for very long, i prefer the one-armed lady. she was like a cooling spring zephyr on our arid gobi of a website. is ben cool enough to have his name sensored? -i think not.

  10. I wonder why Lamebook blocks so many of it’s ‘in-jokes’. Think the ratcoon knows what I’m talking about.

  11. or even censored?

  12. Or not. Apparently that’s unbanned now. Thanks for NOTHING, Lamebook.


    Anyway, I laughed at this post. That will be all.

  13. night all.

    if anonisgayisgay turns up, tell him to leave £5 for the avon lady under the wheelie bin, leave the recycling box out and lock up. he’s been good recently so he’s allowed to sleep on the tarpaulin, but please stress to him that he must, MUST be awake at 7 sharp to bring me eggs benedict and wake me with a pokey bum wank.


  14. Why Do Some People Start Every Word With A Capital Letter? Are They Making A Stand Against Those Who Neglect To Use Capital Letters Altogether? Ahem, Alord.

  15. These were good. I lol’d

    Night night to you all

  16. MsBuzzkillington

    Matthew has got to still be in middle school.

  17. Melancholy43920

    @redhot – because they’re retarded and unoriginal

    these are some sad, sad posts lol

  18. Poor Matthew, too shy to ask a girl out and too dense to notice that she’s gay

  19. These were good. Dan is a major douche.
    Wow…he EVEN bought her dinner and NOT off the dollar menu. Classy guy all right.

  20. I felt sorry for Dan until he said, “wasnt even off the dolla menu”.

  21. Dan is joking or it’s fake…

  22. ..

  23. Ding! We have a winner, daparkster.

    He had me going up until the dollar menu remark. Fail.

  24. Heh, that spring break one was pretty funny.

    Poor old Dan, he finally finds a women he loves, and then goes as far as to enter a wholesome, and procreative sexual relationship (despite his own morals strictly forbidding sex before marriage, this girl is so perfect that he knows ir is Gods master plan). He even goes as far as supporting the ‘Liberal Left’ through investing in high class, product based commodities, much to the pleasure of his now satisfied love.

    And after all that change and self sacrifice what does he get? Slapped in the face as she runs of with some Atheist piece of crap who believes in free trade and global warming.

    A week later Fargis is created.

  25. Paranoid Android

    lol? Nein.

  26. lol 🙂

  27. P.A. – i preferred yesterday’s ‘un-lol’ – delightfully world-weary. 🙂

  28. Dan should have gone with the dollar menu, it would have sealed the deal. Nothing says love like a double cheeseburger!

  29. Riding the bus makes me neverous too. I’m always thinking “Never gonna take a bus again. Never. Never. Hell no I won’t go. Never never never.”

  30. hahaha hell yea matt and amanda.

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