Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fit for Fertility

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  1. meh.

  2. Stever?

  3. Why did Becci’s spelling start off okay and then turn to crap? She said Whilst and “lyk” in the same paragraph. I mean sentence, there was no punctuation.

    And the first one…wow.

  4. Wow I was first. July is now complete.

  5. Don’t get too excited, Tealea…

  6. Oh Becci, what a testament to teenage pregnancy. Looks like you turned out great!

  7. I reckon Brittany either wasn’t expecting to be labour at that time, or she was clueless as to being pregnant.

    Or both.

    But I’m going with she didn’t know as it’s more amusing.

    Surprise!, Brittany.

  8. Was Becca’s post meant to be a joke? Like, mocking teen mothers? Seems like it from the way she started out writing intelligently n den sudenli it terns out her englis corse was a waste f tym 4 evry1 invlved.

  9. Hobo – I see what you did thair. Nyslie dun.

  10. Weep for your world’s [fatherless] children.

  11. Becci’s post made my head hurt x-x On the other hand, Hobo’s post made me laugh.

  12. Instead of singing Mr. Jones from now on, I should do a parody about Mr. Cuervo. We would hit up the town and get us some illegitimate children.

  13. dirtylittlepretty

    Although Katie does not recommend having sex when you’re w jose, she does recommend having an abortion when you’re w jack.

  14. how do you fall pregnant? do you slip on a banana peel and land on some guy’s cock?

  15. Lamebookpro, it doesn’t work like that. Lord knows, I’ve dropped enough bananas in enough crowded places and so far noone has fallen anywhere near my cock. And it’s not like it’s hard to miss so I blame the technique.

  16. @ onehandedjack…I wish you would have told me earlier. I just spent shitloads on bananas and was on my way to church

  17. OH Brittany, you should be on that “i didn’t know I was pregnant” show…

  18. ineedanamazingname

    Since when is a 5lb 9oz baby healthy? That is not a good size unless the baby is premature, in which case he/she isn’t really “healthy”.

  19. Not necessarily.

    Premature and small-born are two completely different things. Just because a baby is born small does not mean it’s premature.

    Likewise, a baby born premature isn’t necessarily small-born. A friend of mine was premature at 9 lbs, 7 oz.

  20. wtf Becci.. you started out stupid and deteriorated into complete nonsensicalness

  21. LOL @ lamebookpro

  22. Paranoid Android

    lol? Answer in the negative.

  23. @19/fork

    I’ve got that beat! I was induced when my mother was merely 7 1/2 to 8 months along (my father was Army and home for a visit, so there’s about a two week period where conception could have occurred), and I was 9lbs 14oz when I was born.

    My weight and size were the main reason my mother was induced early.

  24. Jessi, I am your father…

  25. Where’s dan with his daily sermon against teen pregnancy and evils of liberals having sex? Can’t get into my day with it!

  26. *without

  27. Might have an answer to the Becci thing… MissJodie mentions ‘Underage and Pregnant’ which was a documentary series that was on TV a few weeks ago here in the UK. I think Becci may be quoting one of the girls that was on that programme.

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