Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sharp Shootin’

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  1. Bendeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  2. No, just no. I refuse to believe such people either a) don’t exist or b) are being sarcastic/ironic.

    I truly hope this for the future of civlization as we know it.

  3. Well I know if I climbed Mt Everest I would wear my best yoga tights and take that kid – er I mean Sherpa- in the background for my guide. And to heck with hauling up any heavy oxygen tanks and such – those are for sissies.

  4. Yes. Since Mt Everest is the highest mountain, it’s closer to the sun… So it’s really, really warm up there.
    It’s like a huge resort and the clouds are its ocean…

    I’m surprised Sarah didn’t ask if she had the baby on mount Everest.

    I need a vacation

  5. I think a lot of people could have a baby and walk 1.8 miles up a mountain. I’m shitting all over her accomplishments cause they’re not that special.

  6. sexclamationpoint56

    seriously u haven’t accomplished anything until you’ve punched a rabbit in the face. so there, u have to keep trying…..loser

  7. I love those colon-wiping hugs. It’s like a true bond formed between you because you are sharing a little bit of each other, like blood brothers or something.

    Mollie – wow, that’s impressive. I don’t suppose we should ask you which months have only 30 days? I keep forgetting if it’s the first ‘Junly’ or the second one.

  8. It’s just so random and absurd to ask if it’s Mt. Everest. If it had been a picture of her swimming, I imagine Sarah would have said “omg you swam across the atlantic ocean? your nuts”

  9. I am trying to understand how anyone could ask a question as stupid as Sarah’s. I keep coming back to the theory that Mt. Everest is the only mountain she’s ever heard of, and therefore the only mountain in existance. This blows my mind.
    Seriously one of the most pathetic people I’ve seen on all of lamebook, period.

  10. Actually now that I’m thinking about this, what if Sarah’s actually an evil passive aggressive genius?
    The caption boasts “ive climbed a mountain and had a baby, I CAN DO ANYTHING!”
    Perhaps Sarah saw this and was like, “this bitch thinks she can do anything just because she climbed GROUSE MOUNTAIN?? I’m gonna take her down a peg or two.”
    Her “ooo but still good” at the end reinforces this theory if read with dripping sarcasm.

  11. I’m posting this from Mt Everest:

    How could you forget May?! April showers bring May flowers.

  12. Junly. lol

    As far as the colon wiping, maybe Flossie is Latino. Colon is a last name and is pronounced like cologne. Eh. I’m just being optimistic that people aren’t really that stupid.

  13. Cherry – Eeeeee, didn’t even think about that. Good catch.

  14. Still looking for Meghan’s nuts.

  15. She left them on the mountain. Keep up 😉

  16. “Your nuts” Does Meghan have nuts??

  17. @16
    That sounds so random…
    “Oooh, you just climbed Mount Everest? And by the way, your nuts… *stops mid sentence*”
    I wish to know what she didn’t share. What kind of nuts was it? Cashews? Almonds? And more importantly, what was going on with her nuts?

  18. hey! i went up grouse mountain once!

    …in the aerial tram.

  19. *sticks head in oven* Society and humanity.

  20. Damn. She looks good for having popped one out. Some people never get that shape back. Well done.

  21. I seriously couldn’t work out what Flossie meant until I read it in the comments. My brain isn’t working any more this evening.

  22. @Dan. You’re being very optimistic considering Sarah thinks that Meghan has nuts.
    I am convincing myself that Mike and Mollie are from a sheltered workshop (or six years old). Yes. Yes they are.

  23. Both chicks look amazing in the first picture.

    I can’t really tell which one had a kid. Possibly the one on the left? but she looks fantastic for just having a kid. I mean, you guys aren’t giving her enough credit. She climbed a mountain and had a baby, right then and there. Then she lost all the weight and taught the baby how to snap a photo.

    You know, I had to scare everyone here, but there really are people out there as dumb as Sarah.

    There is a girl in my class who sits in front of me. The girl next to her asked if she had written her final paper yet. “Sarah” said, “yeah, I wrote that a long time ago.” The other girl replied, “Oh? what did you write it on?” “Sarah” said, “Oh, you know just regular paper.”

    I SWEAR TO GOD. I almost had to excuse myself because I was laughing so hard.

    There was another time when we were passing around the sign in sheet. I sit in the last row. I passed the sign in sheet to the person sitting next to her, she passed it to her, and she passed it back to me. I said “oh no, it goes up.” She said what? I said UP! and she was like, huh? and then she tried passing it to me again, and then she tried passing it to the middle row and they pointed up, and she stood up and walked over and handed it to the teacher.

  24. @blondebimbo & mrsbuzz: I’m with you guys – I’m way more impressed/jealous about the bodies on those girls in the first pic – whichever one had the kid deserves a high five!

  25. If you guys want proof there are people as stupid as Sarah out there, check out

    When i started reading number 2, I first thought she meant a colostomy bag, but then i finished it and realized she is just an idiot.

    As far as Mark goes… I’m gonna use Junly to refer to summer from now on….

  26. Mount Everest? Fuck sakes…seriously? That comment alone should automatically get you “de-friended”.

  27. Which ever had the baby, she has my respect. I have had two kids and lost the weight with both of them. It is HARD to do that. So anyone who looks that good after having a baby, has earned looking that good.

  28. Perhaps Mollie was actually quoting Mike… something HE said while drunk (or stupid, or both)?

  29. I guess she’s referring to cologne??

  30. 61 days? Junly is a long-ass month.

  31. Does that stupid bitch think EVERY mountain is Everest?
    Is that a Sherpa in the background?

    It’s a wonder that these fucking morons can get food in their mouths without impaling themselves. Our future looks very bleak.

  32. Awesome! You climbed a mountain! The same one that 4 year old in the background apparently climbed =/

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