Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Global Burn

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    I’m not as worried about climate change as I am reposts.

  2. While this is always a favorite, it’s *always* a favorite, as in every time it’s shown up for the last couple of years. As always, if it’s this badly-compressed, you should assume it’s made the rounds enough.

  3. Katie Mack may very well be an idiot. Astrophysics isn’t the proper degree needed to be an expert on the earth’s climate. That would be CLIMATOLOGY. Besides, the liberal scientists have been fixing up the raw data to show what they want it to, to prove their agenda. There is real concrete evidence that cooling trends in the climate have been doctored by some agenda-driven scientists and made to look like warming trends, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sounds like she needs to get out of these liberal institutions that fill her mind with garbage and go out into the real world and learn the truth.

  4. Wxmatt82, if you mean the NOAA “data scandal” you are wrong. Even the whistleblower admitted that his issue wasn’t that the data was improperly gained, but that it was used for a political tool (although there are plenty of points to refute that…if it was relevant. Science has an innate viewpoint, and the whistleblower wanted to pretend otherwise). Other studies have supported the one from the “data scandal” and the changes in methodology in the NOAA paper have been pretty clearly (and reasonably) explained.

  5. I dunno, YouAreWrong. Wxmatt82 has a point. This might be another ‘liberal’ plot, you know. I think we should all consider the point of view of the conservatives in congress, who think it is just God ‘hugging us closer’ or punishing us for homosexuals. Now that sounds more plausible…

  6. The Beast Among Us

    Why do I get the feeling that YouAreWrong made an account JUST for that comment?

  7. wxmatt82

    Well Gary didn’t exactly tell her to go get a CLIMATOLOGY degree though did he? He specifically said to learn some SCIENCE, and if you don’t think the ASTROPHYSICS plays any part in the conditions on earth then you need to figure out what you have done with your life that you could possibly be that ignorant.

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