Friday, August 14, 2009

You’re Lame


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  1. AT LEAST she used the correct version of “your.” Still, wow.

  2. Her taste in tattoos and placement of them implies that she gets ridden more often than a roller coaster..

  3. She’s copied Steve-O’s tattoo MEGALOLZ

  4. Yucko.

  5. Dear Helen, that’s not, anatomically speaking, your “bum.” I believe it’s more precisely identified as “the small of your back.” I also believe you’re precisely categorized as a lame-o. LOL!

  6. I think she’s using “bum” to describe the actual quality of the tattoo.

  7. Stay classy there...

    You fucking skank.

  8. I do like them classy.

    And stupid.

  9. What a filthy whore….

  10. that’s so ridiculous.

  11. I don’t think “small” accurately describes that back sarcasticmeow. Haha. P.S. NYMag?

  12. Oh my God you are so classy!!! It’s appropriate I suppose, because no guy in their right mind would stay with you long enough to leave you their name you complete and utter dirt bag. no self respect and a fugly cunt!! a* for effort f for attainment

  13. Is this what they call a tramp stamp?
    If not…it should be.

  14. If you look closely you can tell that she already has a tramp stamp in addition to this classy tattoo, big surprise!

  15. thanks Erin, i wasn’t sure if that was just the lighting or a tramp stamp, haha.

  16. Dear sarcasticmeow: that is indeed, anatomically speaking, her “bum” (or buttocks). The buttocks extends inferiorly from the iliac crest (overlying the gluteus medius and maximus muscles), and this tattoo is definetly below the crest.

    Sorry to give you such a hard time, but I can’t stand when people insist on correcting others with false information.

  17. way to copy steve-o.

  18. @Giancarlo: you might be right, but if it’s between the two of you, I’m throwing the life buoy to sarcasticmeow

  19. the lifebuoy!!!! the bar of soap? i thought they only had that in India.

  20. “Tat 4” (of ?). Gross.
    “From the album: Webcam pix”. Gross.
    “Your Name”. Gross.

    And is that raw-looking tramp stamp peeking out from above freshly inked too? Or did she fall off a speeding motorcycle and then catch fire.

    Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross.

  21. i think my favorite part about this is her name “Helen”, just does not sound like it would be a sluts name.

  22. “your Name?” That’s going to be a great one to explain to her fiancé.

  23. @Giancarlo #16 Right you may be, tough I much prefer it when people with Italian names bear gifts of proscuitto di Parma and burrata, not corrections.

    @Boz #18: Purr!

  24. Hey, give the girl SOME credit – at least it’s grammatically correct. I’m sure there are countless skirts out there with “You’re Name” tattooed on their asses.

  25. At least she kept her ass crack covered up.

  26. Classy

  27. I just hate the fact that she punctuated her comment with “lol”.

    Also, I’m sorry, but can someone explain the “your name” thing? I’ve seen it a few places and I don’t understand it. Is she supposed to be like, “Hey hot stuff, I’ve got your name tattooed on my ass!” and then the guy is like, “But I haven’t even TOLD you my name” and the girl pulls down her pants and shows him the tattoo, and he laughs uproariously and then falls madly in love with her, and it’s totally worth getting a tattoo for a joke that isn’t all that funny in the first place? Is that it?

  28. @sarcasticmeow:

    LOL. I will bear that in mind for next time.

  29. I think it’s clever. I’ve definitely seen way sluttier things. Take a fucking chill pill people.

  30. I thought they retired “take a chill pill”.

  31. Nope, haven’t retired it yet 😉

  32. @Canaduck: yeah, thats about it 😛

  33. why is name capitalized?

  34. Wow. That’s a bad outbreak she’s got down there.

  35. Is that..freckles (?) on the booty?

  36. Come on guys, this is just lazy… Not that lame.

    Also, saying she copied Steve-O implies that Steve-O was the first person ever to get “your name” tattooed on his ass. Which he wasn’t.

  37. wow i never realized how easy it was to judge a person based on an image of a single part of their body and a tattoo that probably fits their personality or sense of humor. you guys are all assholes.

  38. no, that’s not the small of her back, nor is it what we have termed a “tramp stamp”. personally, i think it should count, but this particular tattoo is not technically a tramp stamp.

    however, you can see a glimpse of the small of her back (and the tramp stamp that resides there) just beneath her shirt. i would guess that a straight-on of her tramp stamp is one of the other 3 pictures in this album.

  39. why is Name capitalized? that would annoy me

  40. I wanna see the first 3 tattoos.

  41. @Annie – all names are capitalised.

  42. WTF

  43. Smart…Now she can tell every idiot she sleeps with that “I have your name” tatood on my bum!!!

  44. the red polka-dot underwear poking out is what really does it for me.

  45. she has “Your SS#” by her pussy too!

  46. At least she used the correct “your”.

  47. lol I wanna get that tattoo…

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