Friday, August 14, 2009

An Inside Job


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  1. Yeah fuck morals!

  2. I’m sure the ladies are just waiting to jump all over these two.

  3. Uh, have either of these guys actually been in a relationship? “You can do whatever you want with them whenever”!?! Is that their understanding of relationships, and is that something to which they aspire?

  4. David should concentrate on getting a job first, so he can buy himself a mail order bride. ‘coz that’s clearly how he sees relationships.

  5. @David: Needs a brain, and a FILTER.

  6. i don’t even know what to say to this.

  7. I still can’t get over the fact that he had a girl at one point..

  8. One nighters are NOT clean, by the way.

  9. Ah yes, because if a guy can’t land and keep a girlfriend, he’ll somehow TOTALLY have the ~*skillz*~ to bang a new broad every night. SEE HOW EASY.

  10. No David, your ex abandoned you because she found the idea of spending her Sundays in worship far more thrilling, exciting, compelling, etc., than spending any amount of time with YOU. As ‘fterklang said, you should think about getting a job so you can afford a mail order bride (and the rest of ‘fterklang’s comment is a total WIN).

  11. That’s actually a decent discussion.

  12. maybe he’s better off sticking with one night stands if that’s his attitude about women

  13. The sad thing is that there are many, many girls who seem to actively seek out this sort of disrespectful guy.

  14. Or she might have been a Scientologist and he’s a psychiatry student…

  15. He was a dumbass for going out with a christian in the first place

  16. @Boz: The sad thing is that there are many, many girls who seem to actively seek out this sort of disrespectful guy.

    I think that’s what some guys tell themselves in order to explain why they can’t get a date. They decide that they must be too “nice”. But I’ve never met a woman who actively seeks out a jerk–even those who have a thing for bikers and parolees want to be treated well. Any woman who ends up in a relationship with a total asshole pretty much got stuck there because he seemed so great at first…just like no man starts out looking for a nagging bitch or a gold-digger.

  17. @Canadaduck

    Well, you might be right, but I don’t think so. I think women (subconsciously) seek out men with certain qualities that make sense from a biological point of view. It just so happens that these qualities (self-confidence, alpha male gibberish) more or less describe an asshole.

    I think men do the same thing, by the way, but with different qualities, and more consciously than sub.

    Of course we can all beat evolution and our programming, but sometimes it’s a real effort.

  18. wow david…thats low.

  19. “if you got a girlfriend, you can do whatever you want with them whenever”

    This struck me as a little creepy in a Jeffrey Dahmer sort of way 🙁

  20. amen desuko.

  21. David, Ryan — fuck it, forget these prude-ass Christian bitches and just go gay for each other. Tiger Heat is hiring.

  22. lol at boz. definite Nice Guy ™ syndrome on you, bud. and evolution! omg! it’s science because i said so! you’d fit right in with these tools.

  23. David….Ryan…..I have no comment to waste on these two…like Nene said, Just go at each other

  24. @K Sadly I have come to this realisation because I’m *not* a nice guy. Think about it. Take as long as you need.

  25. Girl job… interesting.

  26. That’s me in the corner
    That’s me in the spotlight, I’m
    Losing my religion

  27. Boz… you’re spouting sexist bullshit, jsyk.

  28. Boz is a complete loser… quit whining!

  29. I know this kid and I also know that he went out with my friend and then fucked her over. Literally and figuratively.

  30. “if you got a girlfriend, you can do whatever you want with them whenever”

    What a jackass.

  31. He probably meant emotional and meaningful stuff with who ever he was talking about.

    Not everything is about sex, Alex.

  32. I agree. It only perpetuates life, that’s all.

  33. Yeah, seriously! Fuck having morals dude! Pfft.


  34. If he gets a [decent] job then he can get all the pussy he wants. They’re in these marvelous places called brothels.

    And you evening ‘girlfriend’ won’t leave you for her ‘religion’

    Unless you pay the extra!!

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