Friday, August 14, 2009

Capital B for Borin…g. Admit It.

Capital B for Boring

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  1. Chris seems a little too simple to be into meteorology. Not much of a story teller either.

  2. It’s boring within the framework of Lamebook too. :-p

  3. What’s really lame is the fact that every word starts with a capital letter bar; got, gage (sic) and after!

    Bizarre. Especially since after started a sentence!

  4. Still, at least he offers a chocolate mint at the end for our troubles.

  5. Haha!! (thanks!! 😉 ). It’s all caps for every word which is just stupid and the “Los….t Electricity” is a horribly desperate attempt to be clever. LAME!!! It’s like he’s talking in his sleep…incredibly boring.

  6. Why The Hell Do People Type Like This?

  7. Cool Story Bro.

  8. Whenever I Read Something With Every First Letter Capitalized It Sounds Like Captain Kirk In My Head. True Stor………y.

  9. Don’t you guys get it? I think this is a Metaphor, for like, His Life, man.

  10. @ ‘fterklang that was genius!

  11. am i missing something about the “we los….t electricity” part? :S

  12. I would really love to know, sociologically, what kind of people type ALL of their words in mixed case, and why. I see this every once in a blue moon in random e-mails or posts on boards that I’m on. From what I’ve seen, it’s a notch down on the IQ ladder from the person who types in all-caps.

  13. Maybe he’s actually talking about something else, using the storm as a metaphor.

  14. @’fterklang wins the internets.

  15. when i write on paper i use all caps

  16. Ran this one through the Zack filter.

    SUP z-bros!!!! sOoOoOoOoOo, the $torm that came thru this a.m. was a H-E-L-L-U-V-A $torm!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen dat muchos ELECTRICITY outta a storm (DZZT-DZZT—don’t get shoKKed, boyz! LOL jk). I got 3” of RA!N in my exxxxxxxxxxxxxtreme R@IN G@UGE!!!. hehehehe! w/ all the lightning, it hit the pole RT ACROSS THE ALLEY & we lost electricity…4realz! AND IT JUST CAME BACK ON at 8:10. BEST NIGHT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  17. oh my god. i had to look, but i finally saw the Light of the Chocolate Mint.

    ‘fterklang, incredible!

  18. He seems pretty normal for a guy with a Calvin pissing sticker.

    I don’t get the chocolate mint thing.

  19. I assume he’s talking about the green square with the little cross on it. It’s very clever. I wish I thought of it.

  20. He means when he says ‘after 8’, it’s a brand of chocolate mint- it is in the UK anyway.

  21. Oh. That makes more sense. I missed that whole reference and invented my own. I’m either silly or a creative genius.

  22. haha…I will go with creative genius 🙂

  23. I actually like Boz’s interpretation better.

  24. What a pisser and I got it all despite being stoned. Thanks all, very entertaining. I had one of those brain freeze laughs.+)woops =)

  25. Is this a sex story….or am I getting excited for nothing!!!

  26. This is what I was thinking of:

  27. I like that story.

  28. It’s a poem

  29. Then after the storm it smelled rainy and I got on FB and started commenting about the storm and then the sun came out a little bit and then it went behind a cloud…

  30. Boz, my hero <3

  31. Whenever Someone Types Like This It Sounds Like The Borg Talking In One Long And Incredibly Boring Sentence Moving From Topic To Topic So Fast Noone Has Time To Think It’s Really Quite Hypnotic.

  32. Reminds me of Samuel Gordon Stewart’s blog:

    Oh, And Title Case Is Only For Titles, Not Paragraphs.

  33. that was really really exciting. thanks CHRIS

  34. thanks to the title, i now have ‘Capital G’ by Nine Inch Nails in my head.

    “he signs his name with a capital G”

  35. Brina is cool, purely for liking the awesomeness that is NIN

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