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  1. Two things:

    1. Liam were you taught to spell by simply sounding out the words? Apropreat does not even sound out properly.

    2. How does one “walk like a thunderbird”? Is there some waddling involved like a duck?

  2. “Walking like a Thunderbird” refers to a goose-step like motion. Sounds awesome. I’d want the dic of a 5-foot Nazi walker.

    The term “fancy” and the name “Liam” suggests these are Brits. ‘Nuff said.


  4. What? She has a nanny on facebook? Is she a child? When she says ‘work’, is that what school kids call school these days? Is Ric actually really tall for his age?

    Meanwhile can I get a facebook nanny? Is it a free service?

  5. What the fuck Liam, get off facebook.

    Stop letting the world know that you are a ra-tard (obvious reference to The Hangover).

  6. Goddamn I hate the Scottish. And this guy ruins my name.

  7. I’m thinking that Liam is reminding Laura that she has “Nany” (grandmother? aunt?) as a friend on facebook and to keep her dick wanting private.
    I think she should keep it private, too. Not just for Nany, but for all of us.

  8. I’m gonna assume that saying to Ric, “I want your dick, Ric.” is a pretty effective way to tell him that you fancy him.
    So long as he doesn’t walk like an Egyptian, it’s all good.

  9. Maybe she means that the guy has a 5 foot dick, and that’s why she wants him. If not, then I gotta side with Commenter Liam. They’re my people and all, but damn the Scottish.

  10. You're not alone in your stupidity

    5 ft. dick would explain why he walks like a thunderbird…

  11. PS: This is what our generation’s secrets look like

  12. By reading your comments, I see that many of you are confused about such things as how the mind works for age-appropriate individuals. This can be no child, as no child would ever think to post about such crude and derogatory comments. We have forgotten that children contain the innocence of youth–something that all adults lose as they pass from adolescence into adulthood.

    As for the height of the individual in question, it is possibly a typo. Laura may be so infatuated with this individual that she would subconsciously play down some of his aspects as to prevent other whoring acquaintances from trying to acquire Ric’s beloved appendage. As we know, sometimes the things we don’t want change as they are desired by others–and we can only downplay our own desires as to prevent our friends (and enemies who are not much different) from usurping our goals.

  13. A message from one chairman to another:

    Although I doubt Laura is a child, I disagree that ‘no child would ever think to post about such rude and derogatory comments'(sic) These days, and perhaps for a long time before these days, children contain less and less of the innocence of youth. This post is unlikely to come from a primary school child, but actually, potentially could come from a high schooler.

    I can’t comment on your second para, Mao, but I will say that I love the expression ‘usurping our goals’ and plan to use it as much as possible from now on. Awesome.

    Meanwhile, don’t you love that this girl’s grandmother is on facebook? Another argument in favour of Laura’s relative youth.

  14. Candy Blackmail

    If he’s only 5 foot, the “thunderbird” walk is likely compensating for lack of um..something else. 😉

  15. “Laura that is not apropreat seen as u have nany on fb”

    OK, let’s diagram this handiwork by Liam. Which one is the verb? Why, that’s “seen”. Thus, “apropreat” is the adverb. He/she misses a couple of articles, but substituting that back in, all becomes clear. So, translated into English, this is:

    “Laura, that [“Mulan” Rouge] is not appropriate to be seen as you have a nanny on Facebook.”

    What can be ascertained from this? Laura has a nanny on Facebook and Liam is concerned about the R-rated content in “Mulan” Rouge. Liam is also presumably more concerned about the nanny finding out than reasoning with Laura about the violence or sex in this film.

  16. I love that Americans need “translations” for all the English words. Do you know how much American crap we have to watch on tv and dont moan about “translation?” You wouldnt even be speaking english if it wasn’t for us. Get a clue. Nanny = grandmother.

  17. AHAHAHA. Rubylu, that’s hilarious. Your comment is almost worthy of a lamebook submission in and of itself. As an American, I’m terribly sorry you are forced to watch American crap on tv.

    I’m off to moan more about your very very difficult language…

  18. anvil just joined the group “GO FUCK YOURSELF CHAIRMAN MAO”

  19. Where is the reference to this being Scottish?

  20. Uhhh is Ruby’s Luby’s serious? Really, I want to know. Do all americans really believe that the rest of the world watches only US tv shows therefore we aspire to be like them? Oh sorry master race, I must end this comment now as Three and a Half Men has started.
    Disclaimer: I’m Aussie NOT british.

  21. this update is so f’kn random.

  22. Aaah thank god someone said it Rubylu! Yes, a “nanny” is a grandmother! Also, I am Scottish and I find it pretty offensive that Liam uses the opportunity to insult Scottish people. Where on the post does it say that any of these people are Scottish? Even if they are, would it be a reason to “hate” the entire nation? Thats racist man, not cool.

  23. LMAO – Im laughing more at everyones comments than the post!!

    August 3rd, 2009 at 6:16 pm
    “Walking like a Thunderbird” refers to a goose-step like motion. Sounds awesome. I’d want the dic of a 5-foot Nazi walker.


  24. Ok, I’m American, but it was very apparent to me that “nany” (as he spelled it) was a grandmother. But in response to what Rubylu said, you probably don’t need a translation to watch American TV because if we want to call someone a grandmother, we’ll say “grandmother” or even “grandma.” If we said “nanny” we’d probably be referring to the person who watches your kids, or a live-in babysitter; Fran Drescher, if you may. Because when you look up “nanny” in the dictionary, that’s the definition. That, or a goat. Don’t insult Americans because of your slang.

  25. Oh God no! Let’s not insult the Americans. Especially not when it has to do with language or slang!

    … Dude, have you even READ this webpage???

  26. Seriously I agree. About 95% of these facebook posts are from England…..
    So I don’t think any country should poke fun of constant spelling mistakes when it stems from everywhere.
    And sorry I have no idea what walking like a thunderbird is until someone mentioned what it was. Please forgive me… Sorry.

  27. Probably originates from northern England.
    Fancy : Attracted to
    Seen : Northern pronunciation of seeing.
    Nan(n)y : Nan, Gran, Granma.
    Liam : Popular name around northern England (2nd/3rd generation Mancunian Irish immigrants).
    Beaut : Aussie colloquialism. Corrina watches Home and Away.
    NB. Ric could be Brains.

  28. I think “walks like a thunderbird” refers to the TV show. I think she means he walks like a puppet.

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